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fluffy lungs?

hi everyone

I haven't posted on here for a while but just wondered if anyone could give me a clue as to what on earth doctors mean by fluffy lungs? My daughter is really struggling with her asthma at the moment - she has had a persistant chest infection type cough since october and has been on augmentin and lots of other antibiotics all of this time.

anyway, we'd had enough of the constant coughing and she had a particularly bad asthma attack at the weekend so we headed off back to our local hospital and asked if it was about time she could have an xray.

The doctors came back and said her lungs are fluffy - we are now none the wiser!!!

she's had her preventative doses doubled - she's now on 4 puffs of serevent and pulmicort each day and I'm just concerned it's not really very well controlled

I'd love to hear from anyone with some tips!



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I wonder if this is just a very poor description of what showed up on the X-ray slide.


hi there,

my 3 yr old had an x-ray in January which diagnosed his pneumonia. In March he had a followup x-ray and the doctors said his lungs are now 'blurry'. I know it's not the same word as fluffy but I wonder if they are meaning the same thing?! :)

What the consultant explained to me was that it was 'resolving infection' so not 100% clear. he said it was like having an abscess that has pretty much healed but left a huge pink scar which will fade over time.

SO I wonder if that's what is going on with your daughter. She's had some bad infections & perhaps the 'fluffiness' is her lungs showing some scarring/resolving infection? Perhaps you could go to your GP and ask them to explain. It's silly that they would not give you a fuller explanation at the time!

Hope your daughter's asthma gets under control soon... we have found that since our son has been on singulair he's doing much better.



I had an x-ray last year when I had a severe resistant chest infection and my consultant described the picture as looking like fluffy clouds!

When the lungs are full of gunk it causes the x-ray to look more white as, like bone it can be dencer than the surrounding tissue.

It isn't usually permanent and a subsequent xray may show a clearer picture in future.




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