its not all doom and gloom!

Okay so for the time being I will be staying with the NHS so my body can

get used to new treatments etc I need a kidney transplant then maybe a lung due to the damage scaring etc okay so that sounds more like gloom than good but the happy news is:

Wait for it.....

I asked Harry to marry me and she said


No she said

Yes I wrote her a song along with the ring think that's what did it!

So although we are all miserable at the moment good things do happen

Also I do know am only 18 but figured I haven't got long left why wait..

Thought I would cheer you all up a little hope it worked :o)

Your friendly forum poster Will x

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  • Congratulations, fab news xxx

  • That's really nice - something for you both to plan for. Well done and congrats to you both. xxx

  • Hey congratulations to you both, how exciting!!

    Also it doesn't matter weather you're 18 or 80, if you are both in love, age doesn't matter. My mum was 16 when she married my dad, they will reach their ruby wedding anniversary next year.

    Best wishes to you both xxx

  • Congratulations

    Huge congratulations to you both, thats great news! Age is just a number, if you love each other and are ready to make the commitment to one another it really doesn't matter how old you are.

  • Congratulations

    That is great news congratulations to both of you

  • congratulations on your future wedding Will and Harry xxx

  • thats wonderful news congratulations xxxxx

  • Yep I don't know what got in to me but I said yes ha...

    Thank you guys so much.

    And Will I miss you so much so hurry up get better and come

    home love you lots

    Hope every one is fine.

    Harry xXx

  • congratulations! love makes the world go roundxxx

  • Fabulous news. Wishing you both a fantastic happy. fun time ahead!!! xx

  • Having read your posts, you are so meant to be together. Happy news. :D

  • congratulations from me too x

  • Thank you all for your posts

    Hope I cheered you up for a moment :o)

    Will x

  • Thank you all for your posts

    Hope I cheered you up for a moment :o)

    Will x

  • Congratulations to u both,

    yep cheered me up xx


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