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Hi guys I just wanted to say thanks and to let you all know

What's happened since my post.

Well I took Olie to A&E on Thursday evening after nebs he wasn't

improveing although after much mayhem I got him there

they were very good with him and let us sit in a empty room

So that Olie doesn't have to get upset with all the unknown faces

well after ages of waiting we see the doctor who tells

us that Olie has an infection and build up of fluid Phlegm mucus

well they kept Olie In witch he didn't like one bit as that

Wasn't planned but I was able to stay because he wouldn't

calm otherwise. I was able to bring him home last night.

and today due to much debate we are on our way to

Twickwnham to see my parents witch was planned and I didn't want him getting worked up again so I hhave stocked up on meds. We have taken the train as Olie wanted to he is fast alseep at the moment. We shall be coming home tomorrow.

The things we do for our children ey.


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yep we do a lot for our kids, cos nobody else will lol.

hope olie is feeling better, and you enjoyed your trip, and had time to relax if thats possible lol.

Take care



hi Rob black and Olie,

Glad Olie is home and enjoy your weekend with your folks.

stay well and take care ,

love Glynis xxx


Hope thing improve soon. I've had quite a day. Matty has decided he loves cycling, likes to know where we are going so I take a map to show him.We took a long route and was going fantastically well until we came to a hill 10 miles into journey.Matty shouted I'm going to STOP which he did immediately, but I was right behind and have new cycle shoes which clip on to bike.I hit him went over the handle bar into a ditch, I said some very flowery words aimed at Matty and he went in to meltdown!! I was in total agony but had to sort the situation out, you can probably imagine!Eventually I calmed him down and explained I was in shock and got hurt.It was a nightmare, we ran out of drink so asked if he wanted to stop at a pub for a drink on route and he was ok about this as said he could have coke and he sat in the garden.In the end we had a fantastic day.It did bring home to me what a fine line I tread with Matty, he is a lot calmer since his treatment and can alter things as long as he knows why, could never do that before.



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