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Dry cough for several weeks


My daughter has been treated for asthma on and off since a baby. Never anything serious and she has been the only one in the family who wheezes so usually it is straightforward. Recently she has had a dry cough for weeks and we have seen several doctors with no luck. It sounds like she is clearing her throat and then she coughs a dry cough. It is worse during a meal and after playing boisterously. She has no other symptoms and the doctor simply said he does not know what is wrong. We are exploring several options: reflux, a habit, allergy, asthma. He thought the most likely was asthma and wants her to be seen by our very experienced nurse. I don't get along with the nurse too well but am willing to try.

My question is: has anyone experienced anything similar before? I don't want to medicate her for something she does not have but this is very distressing for her at times. I have been told sometimes it is asthma that is at the brink of deteriorating that can cause such an irritation, but as she does not really get better with ventolin I am sceptical. The doctor wants to put her on Seretide if the nurse agrees. She currently takes Clenil and Ventolin, but in small doses (2 puffs twice a day). What is Seretide meant to do? Am I right to assume its a long acting bronchodilator or am i on the wrong track. She is nearly 6 btw

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get her to breathe through her nose

big difference and a non-medication solution is to teach your daughter to breathe correctly through her nose at alll times...

even when coughing she should fight it and cough out through her nose. THis will be difficult at first.

Does she normally breathe through her nose, during exercise, eating and sleeping?

google buteyko and coughing.......


dry cough for 3 and a half weeks

Hi all, I have a 12 yr old girl who has recently been diagnosed with asthma, she has had this on and off for years now, but recently has got worse with her coughing 24/7 constantly. she is on 2 inhalers ( brown and blue ) which dont seem to be working, im very worried for her, she is in alot of pain in her ribs and back, i dont know wat else to do weve tried everything. I dont like seeing her in soo much pain and constantly coughing all the time. My question any one else going through any simalar thing and does this sound rite?


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