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Probley asthma

My daughter has always been quite a sickly child when she was born she was 2 weeks late 9lb 11 half ounces she ended up in speical care for a week with breathing diffucults

She has had a heart mumur and quite bad eczema while covered all her body and a nut allergy and other allergys

She recently started school she is 3 she is at school full time we thought the eczema had gone but its flared back up and she is back on all the creams although it is not bad has it was when she was a baby

But she is been having diffucults breathing at night and been coughing all night long every night

I took her to the doctors today and the doctor says she is very wheezy and said she is putting her on an reliver inhaler and a spacer four times a day and wants to see her in two weeks

She has said something about her wheezing if she is playing that she might need a preventer

I don't know even if she has got asthma

The doctor says with all ambers problems its very very likely she has i don't really understand if she will need a preventer inhaler when she is running she starts coughing and can't stop

I don't even no if she is using the inhaler with the spacer probley

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It might be because excema and allergys are very closely linked with thinks like asthma.

Welcome to Auk (and im sure someone more helpful that moi will be along shortly to answer your question better)

Emma x


Thanks for the reply how could i tell if she will need a preventer inhaler ?



Welcome to Auk

The first thing is don't panic!

There is loads of information available on this site which will answer many of the questions whizzing round your head. Have a look at the for parents section of the main website and there is a leaflet you can get called asthma in the under 5's which will give you loads of advice.

Eczema asthma and allergies are all linked.

I presume the spacer has a mask with it if she is 3? I'll bump the other threads that give tips for using a spacer on young children.

Don't rush ahead into worrying about preventers yet take each day as it comes and see what happens over next couple weeks but if you are worried about her breathing don't hesitate to call the out of hours dr or take her back to the GP in the mean time.

It took quite a long time before mine were given a formal diagnosis of asthma, they were viral wheezers or wheezy babies. Don't worry about the name its more important to be on medication that helps than have a label!



she hasn't got the mask just the spacer she can do it quite well and no coughing last night !!!!! which is a first


Told her teachers today that she has to take in inhaler 4 times a day they said they will do one at school really been very good about it

Any troubles they said they will ring me even gave my daughter amber some stickers to put on her spacer

She isn't the only child with asthma in her class and the school nurse sounded liked she knew what i needed to know

I feel quite happy.

My daughter's school she is in reception full time has 23 kids reception and nusery and 2 teachers 2 helpers and a full time nurse in her class so she is well looked after



all the docs say its probably asthma .so why r they so quick to pescribe asthma meds if its only probably asthma?


I don't know why they were so quick to prescribe asthma med's she did say Amber has got a very high risk of having asthma cos of her eczema and allergies

I also told her she has coughing fits when she gets upset and goes blue around the lips has she can't breathe i think and struggles to breathe

She said she was giving her the reliever cos she was very very wheezy

I don't understand the reliver it says give amber one to two puffs four times a day how do i no wether to give two puffs of one


I think given all the questions you have about how much of inhaler to give it would be wise to ring/visit your GP or ask advice from pharmacist.

Dosages of inhaler to give a child is not really something we can answer on here, every child is different.

A child going blue is a very serious symptom. If mine were to go blue I would call an ambulance, it shouldn't get to that point. If you are concerned about her breathing unclear about what you are doing or the inhaler is not helping I would go back to the dr with a list of questions.


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