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up the wall with symptoms

hi everyone,

i have had my little one the drs this week, he is very symptomatic and has been put on another course of steriods (2 in eight weeks).

our gp was really good with jake and believes he needs his inhaler changing to seretide but is unable to do so as he said he cannot prescribe it until he is five. he is already on clenil 100 x 2 puffs am and pm, 4mg montelukast, nasal spray and anti histimines daily.

he is now laying on the setee moaning in his sleep.

we had planned to go out for the day but he said he would just like to stay in.( he is normally very active.)

our consultant appointment is not until may,but we do have an asthma review in our g.p's at the end of the month. does anyone think there is any chance of his meds being changed or does it look like we will have to wait until cons appointment.

jakey's mum. x

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I do sympathise. My son's consultant called all the shots with medication eg he suggested Theophylline and our GP was very resistant to prescribing it (consultant prevailed!). Could you maybe push for an earlier appointment with the consultant?

Poor Jakey, I hope things improve for him.


Like Angievere said, I think your best bet is to try phoning the hospital to try and get Jakey's appointment moved closer. Unfortunately the inhaler switch will probably have to be done by the consultant as Seretide is not licensed in children under 5 and GP's don't often prescribe things that aren't licensed for the patient's age group or illness unless it's been initiated by a specialist. I'm assuming that your GP didn't have any suggestions on how to manage Jakey's symptoms until you appointment, you could try calling the AUK nurses to see if they have any suggestions (the freephone number is at the top of the page). Good luck, and I hope your little man gets the help he needs soon.


thanks guys as i said he said for the time being we may have to use short bursts of steroids. these have helped for the time being. x

i am going to try and bring an appointment forward. xx


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