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Overnight ph lung test?

Maddie (just turned 2) is having lots of tests finally being done for her chronic/brittle 'asthma'.

We saw the resp specialist last wk and she is being rushed through for tests. She had bloods taken then and there for allergies and immune problems. (we get the results in the next wk or so)

Next week is her sweat test for CF, then the week after she is having an overnight ph test. Apparently this is a tube up her nose, into her lungs which is held there for 24 hrs to test the ph levels in her lungs.

Has anyone any experience of these?

Once in place, is the child able to move around? Whats the tube attached to externally?

Is it easily put in place?

My mind is whirling as its been rushed through so quickly I havent really had time to think about it. I just cant imagine what it will be like!

I want to prepare myself for it and know what I need to do to make it as stress free for Maddie too.

Any thoughts would be a great help,

Many thanks.

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Hi I had a 24 hour pH test a few weeks ago. The inside of a nostril is sprayed with anaesthetic which stings!!! then the tube goes up the nostril and is swallowed. Not particularly pleasant, but I suspect children tolerate things better than adults. Once in place the tube is taped to the nose, cheek and neck and goes under T shirt etc to a ""walkman style"" recorder worn on a belt around the waist. It is not what you would call comfortable, but once in place not painful. The strangest thing is eating anything solid as it gives a kind of ""dragging "" feeling when you swallow. I was told to gently hold the tube at the nostril to stop this and found it to work. Your child should be able to play and move around ok as the tubing will be under her clothes. You might find that your little one can forget about it when occupied. The best thing about this test for me was when the tube came out. 24 hours seems like a long time, but don't forget that your little one will be sleeping for (hopefully) over a third of the time. Best of Luck


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