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at witts end with daughters asthma

my daughter is 6 and suffers from chronic troublesome asthma she is on singulair tablets and a seretide 250 inhaler [not recommended for under 12s] along with a salbutamol inhaler to relieve attacks even though shes on all this and piriton she is still having to use her blue inhaler several times a week last night she had to go on a nebuliser and now on steroids ive had enough we see a consultant once a month and its still not under control and not only having the asthma she has started having severe headaches/migraines and has been to hospital twice in the past week with these as she was in so much pain so has been prescribed paracetamol 4 hrly its just getting ridiculous i cant keep going on with it all im exhausted and more importantly so is she.the other thing is she has started wetting the bed and im wondering i fall things are linked or if anyone else has come across the same things i just dont know what else to try if anyone has any experiences or advice it will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Marie,

Sorry to hear you and your daughter are having such a rough time! I can't offer any advice from the Mum perspective but do know that asthma and migriaine together can make you feel truly rubbish!!! When I was a child my family used to keep a diary of when the migraines happened to see if there was a link to any foods etc. You may already have done this but perhaps ringing the asthma nurse team at AUK to chat through how to get the most out of you next consultants appt would help? Or asking for a referral to a 'difficult to control' asthma clinic. Fingers crossed you get some progress very soon,

Take care!



Hi Marie

This is so awful. I think the bedwetting could easily be linked to migraine/asthma...just the stress and anxiety of not feeling well can lead a child to start bedwetting.

Its horrible watching your child being poorly. I think you need to ask for a 2nd opinion...for both conditions. A respiratory consultant not a general paed for the asthma and I don't know who for the migraine tho my daughters migraines were best treated by the pain clinic at st georges.

I hope this gets sorted out for you soon.

Take care,

Margot x.


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