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new and very confused

Over the past year all 3 of my boys have been given a blue inhaler, and told to give 2 puffs as and when required. They tend to get a tight wheezy chest when they have a cold/virus, and occasionally when they get over upset. Generally day to day they are ok. Just this weekend my 2 yr old was admitted to hospital due to breathing difficulties brought on by a virus. This is the second time this has happened. He was treated with the blue inhaler, 10 puffs every hour over night and a 3day course of oral steroid. I am currently giving him 10puffs every 4-6hours, and he is still very wheezy.

I came home from hospital to find 5 yr old feeling unwell and also chesty. I have been giving him his inhaler also and I kept him off school yesterday. He was really quite well in himself but had the chesty cough. in the night he woke up coughing and wheezing and I have kept him off school again today. I just don't know what I am doing, if he should be at school or not? Currently they do not have an inhaler for him at school and I know I need to sort this out ASAP. I have tried getting an appointment with our asthma clinic (something I have never been advised to do) but I have been told to ring back next week when they get a new Asthma nurse. So this morning I tried for a doctors appointment and as the appointments were all for next week and later I was told to ring at 8am Friday morning to get an appointment for that day. So far doctors tent to say they don't want to label them with Asthma and it might be a type of childhood asthma that they may grow out of. But I would rather they confirmed it is Asthma and start giving me the help and support I need!

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asthma in children

keep on plugging away at your gp for a referral to a asthma specialist so that u can get proper diagnosis. my gp was a nightmare my daughter is three now after spending all her life suffering coughing fits, vomiting and breathing difficulties. take your children to a & e if u are at all concerned and cant see your gp. its hard watching your children suffering and being told they may or may not have asthma when u know its more than a cough


If he has an inhaler at home he needs to have a spare blue one at school too.

I strongly strongly suggest you ring the asthma nurses on the number above. I have rung in the past they are really really helpful will talk through all your concerns give you guidance on the right questions to ask the GP and send you some leaflets etc you can pass onto school and information about management plans.

They will not make you feel stupid and then you will be armed with the info you need to take to GP.


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