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Advice please my 2 yr old has suspected asthma

Hi my little girl has recently been admitted to hospital over night on a few occasions with symptoms like an asthma attack. I have well controlled asthma so luckily knew what to look out for.

However as asthma in toddlers is very hard to clearly Diagnose they are reluctant to do much. She has a blue inhaler and spacer which I give her when I think she needs it and when she has a cold.

When she has a cold as she does at the moment she hardly sleeps all night with the coughing and has a very loud wheeze in her chest with every breath. She is much worse at nights and nap time. I sit her up as much as possible, keep the windows open to circulate the air and change her bed clothes very regularly.

I just never know really if she needs to go to hospital or not, and think that the doctors think I am just an over protective mum. Has anyone got any advice?

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Huge hugs to you. It is so stressful having a little one with suspected asthma you never now if you are doing the best for them.

All I can advice you too is record when your daughter has the symptoms of asthma and what happened just before it. Give her the blue inhaler as your instinct tells you and I have been told that if I think do I need to ring 999 then do it. As you can the control that you feel you need an ambulance but you are not 100% certain and they will assess and decide for you as they are more than happy to do this.

My son is now 8 and half and today the GP has changed his inhalers to a dry powder except for his brown inhaler but he will change that as well in 2 weeks time if that is what Ryan wants and then he will be spacer free but we will keep a spray salbutamol available for him for when we need to do his emergency treatment while waiting for a paramedic


My heart goes out to you, it really does.

My daughter is 22 months and has exactly the same symptoms as you are describing.

She is under a consultant and has a firm diagnosis of brittle asthma.

She also takes a multitude of meds for it.

Has anyone mentioned being refered to a consultant?? I think you should ask for this. Where we live, once you have had 3 admissions that warrants consultant led care.

Does she have a brown inhaler? It sounds as if she needs this prescribed too as she is using ventolin alot by the sounds of it.

Also if she is wheezing then she needs help. If the ventolin doesnt ease her symptoms then get help.

Ive been told by our paramedics also, that if in doubt then call them. Theyd rather come out and help a small child breath easier again, than go to the local high street and pick up a drunk off the street!

Little ones can go down very quickly and its best to get on top of the symptoms.

Good luck and pm if you need to. I really can relate to your cause. My little girl was vomitting regularly every night due to her asthma cough but fingers crossed, shes not done that for a little while now.

Take care




My son (age 5) has asthma we are also under the consultant who has been brilliant. I noticed you said you open the window to help air circulate, it may be worth closing the window and putting a fan on I find that when the window is open the pollen makes my son worse. He is now getting to an age where he is more aware now and when I opened his window the other day he asked me to close it because it will make him cough. Might be worth ago. As for going to the hospital I have learnt slowly after 18mths of dealing with my sons asthma if in doubt go. Is your out of hours GP at the local hospital? ours is and in the beginning I went there and you are then in the best place if the GP feels you need to be admitted. Another thing that has helped my son at night is anti dustmite bedding and washing his soft toys to kill any dust mite. I hope things start to settle down, thinking of you.


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