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Daughter been sick with ""asthma"" cough!!!!!

Hi all, daughter 5 yrs old...diagnosed with ""allergic"" asthma 12mths ago. Her allergy brought on thru animals.

Started week gone fri nite bad coughing(to the point of borking(sorry)), and coughed evry nite since. Giving her her blue inhaler when needed. Brown inhaler twice a day.

Yesterday she was sick twice thru coughing, quite alot of flem in vomit(sorry again). Only time she been near a trigger was this fri nite (was at sisters house(she has a dog) but did what we normaly do...piriton and blue inhaler before we go and again if needed while were there!!!

I've had bad chest infection about 3 weeks ago(i don't have asthma) so took her to docs last wed...said chest was clear it was just her asthma!!!

Sorry for rant just needded to to phone docs see if they will check her out again.....for my peace of mind...and prob to be told ""its just her asthma""!!!

If anyone got any ideas for me please reply...... thanks in advance :-))

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hi sorry to here your daughter has been poorly , it does sound like it is a chest infection .. think you should take her back to the doctors but try to make her an appointment for early in the morning as her chest would probrley be worse then and hopefully will have a better idea how she is... hope this works i tend to vomit alot when i have a chest infection..


Sorry to hear your daughter is unwell. I know how a cough can keep you up all night! My consultant usually perscribes me Atrovent, which I find helps with the asthma cough a lot. I use a neb for it but i think you can get it in an inhaler. If that does not help he usually perscribes Codeine Linctus. This usually helps the cough if its not conected to asthma (though it has sometimes helped my astma cough but its usually taken care of with nebs - salbutamol 4 hourly and atrovent six hourly). Talk to you dr. about it (i dono if you can get it over the counter in the UK but you need a perscription in australia). Its only used as a last resort for me as it reacts with my other medication (esspecially prednisone) so ask your dr.

Hope this was some help and your daughter gets better soon!!




Thanks for your quick responses, have got a appointment for tomorow morn...8.30am.

But have been speaking to a friend who works in a different doctors and they sound so much better than gonna move my daughter to them.

My doctors answer is always ""oh its her asthma"" but never help me to deal with it...just keep giving her her inhalers...thats all!!! Also our doctors ""asthma nurse"" only works on a friday i work and obviously my daughter is at school.

Where my friend works there asthma nurse is in every day.

She also mentioned every year my daughter should have a asthma check up...check if her inhaleers need changing and how she is getting on. Never mentioned to me last week at docs, its a year next week since she was diagnosed!!!

Anyway thanks again for your help!!!!


Hi there,

I'm new to the Forum but read your comments and felt I had to put in my own. My son is 5 years of age. He has had a barking croup like cough since he was 2 only in the winter, and like your daughter sometimes throws up. He started school last year (2007) and the coughing lasted from October through to July this year (2008). 3 weeks ago the barking cough came on suddenly in the middle of the night. I visitied 6 different doctors, including two night time visits to A & E, who all said his chest was clear. At first they said he had croup, then they blamed his asthma and really upped his inhalers and gave him steroids. We were getting no sleep at all as he was literally buzzing. He was propped up, with a humidifier in his room. I even tried sitting in the bathroom with lots of steam at 2am one morning but nothing helped.

In the end I paid to see a doctor privately who did a chest xray which showed a peribronchial infection. Within a day of using amoxycilin the cough was all but gone. I'm so pleased I'd done this because we'd had 3 weeks of hell and who knows what would have happened if I hadn't pushed for the xray....I'd just like to say to anyone reading this blog, if your child has asthma don't let the doctors tell you that's all that's wrong, keep fighting your corner, even when your shattered. Mums know best, trust your instincts because no-one knows your little one like you! Take care Gx



Bought ANTI ALLERGEN Pillows,quilt and mattress cover, and had no night tyime coughing since!!!!

I joined new docs too,she given us peak flow(never had one before) and upped daughters preventive inhaler too!!!

But the anti allergen bedding did the biggest help.....thanks for all your replys!!!!



Hi I read your message, my daughter is 8 and she has suffered regularly with 'bad chest infections' they have always lasted a long time, however even though her dad has asthma and her wheezing and cough are similar to his, until today asthma has been dismissed - for the past week and a half she has been coughing terribly, and it has been making her vomit (up to 8 times a day as someone described quite phlegmy), her grandad took her to the dr for me while I was in work earlier this week and again it was dismissed, today however I saw a different doctor who was very concerned, he has prescribed her prednisolone steroid tablets, and antibiotics - I have been sleeping in with her and her wheezing in her sleep wakes me before her, then when the coughing starts she wakes, then she is sick, when I persisted previously she was given a pump, which I have given her when I feel as though I have no other options, it appears to help. Today she has been given these tablets and the dr said that should these tablets help then this will indicate asthma and she will be referred, I have read the leaflet enclosed and the side effects sound horrible, I'm torn that what if I give them and she becomes worse? has anyone given these steroid tablets to their children if so I'd be grateful for any advice. I'm sorry its drifting from the point a little, but you all seem to have experienced these things with your children, and I'm just hoping someone can offer me some advice as although her dad had it, my knowledge feels minimal now? Thanks All, hope you can help


Reply to CARALEE

I have just changed doctors down to there ignorance to asthma of them. My new doctor straight away sorted out olivia's inhalers,recomending to take preventitative inhalers 4 times a day rather than twice a day. This was to clear a slight inflamation on one of her lungs that the other doc never noticed!!!

I feel soooooo much better for moving docs,my new one has 4 kids,all had/got asthma. So she fully understands what we were going thru. So PLEASE maybe go to a new doc,and olivia stopped coughing thru the nite after gettting anti allergen bedding!!!

Olivia's asthma is ""allergic"" asthma,brought on by contact to animals. Could your daughter be allegic to something too!!! But this bought of ""night time coughing"" she hadn't been near any triggers. But obviously the dust mites were affecting her!!!!

Got a really good book from chemist,,,""Understanding asthma"",thats where i got idea for anti allergen bedding!!!

Good luck :-)))


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