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Hypoglycemia with asthma

Well my Ryan was admitted to hospital yesterday with hypoglycemia but is now home again today with strict instructions to monitor and keep an eye on him. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to their children? I am very concerned as his blood sugar levels are all over the place the lowest it has been is 2 and the highest 6. Not sure what to do as from the info I have read about this it can be very dangerous and is more common in people with diabetes but Ryan has been tested for. After a 12 hour fast he was tested and it came back all clear

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hi there,

I am interested in your post as my son has weird and wonderful symptoms all the time and we never know whats causing them due to the amount of medication he takes. What symptoms did Ryan have? Jayden has had raised blood sugar before but it has always been put down to long term Prednisolone use. I have to measure his urine levels daily to check it's not raised but on the urine sticks it doesn't show if it's too low. I always thought diabetics had low blood sugar due to too much insulin/not enough food and don't think low bloodsugar is indicative of diabetes. I would be more worried if blood sugar was raised (over 6.6 I think) as this is a sign of diabetes but think the odd reding over is not a problem. It is usual to have a fasting level done and only to worry if this is high. I thinkthis then leads on to a glucose tolerance test which is done in hospital with regular blood monitoring.

Hopefully it is nothing to be concerned about and just a blip for some reason. Hope all is ok today.

Take care x


Sorry to hear about both your kids.

I know I keep going on about it as if it is a miracle cure for asthma but... if you go to the vitamindcouncil's website and look up diabetes, not hypoglycemia, you will read a lot of material about how an why Vitamin D3 is important for the regulation of body sugars.

I say this as, with there being almost weekly studies being published now looking at the benefits for asthmatics of taking Vitamin D3 and many asthmatics tested having chronically low levels of it, I am convinced that what many of us, with our asthma and our associated diseases, could benefit considerably by taking D3 supplements.

From my own person experience I used to live on cola drinks and now, looking back, I realise that the worse my asthma was the more I drunk cola drinks. I hardly drink them at all now since I began supplementing with D3.

I am not a Doctor just someone trying to help. Perhaps the above might point you in the right direction.


hi this is an interesting topic as i have a real sweet tooth and had a lot of junk and bad food the day (unavoidable party had to go and forgot about the blood test)before my blood test recently and the blood glucose came in at four point seven. so i wondered is it lower then on the days when i do avoid sugar and fat and everything bad?


Unless you have diabetes it doesn't necessarily matter what you eat before (as in a couple of hours) before a blood test. When your body recognizes there is too much glucose it releases insulin accordingly, so if you had a very low glucose meal then only a bit of insulin would be produced and if you had a packet of sweets for example, a lot of insulin would be produced. So the end result is your blood glucose levels being the same the only thing that differs is how much insulin is produced.

In regards to your son's levels they can sometimes (especially when on multiple medications) be a bit outside the normal range; for some this is normal and the doctors are obviously satisfied that your son isn't going to develop problems. However if your worried i would take him to a dr just to be sure.


He had another hypo episode

As the subject says he had another hypo episode and is back in hospital again. The poor lad is so fed-up and feels like a pin-cushion. He was only home for almost 4 hours. Took him on the park after dinner a she was so hyperactive so hoped the air and a little run about would help him calm down but instead of calming him down it coursed him to collapse. My friend on my street has diabetes and she was sun-bathing in her front garden and saw Ryan collapse so got her tester and did his levels and it was 2.3 which was a 1.9 drop. Levels was up to 6.9 when I left him in distress at 9 which has made me feel like a terrble mother but they had no dairy free food on the ward and wouldn't order me anything for my daughter. I am going tomorrow all packed up with loads of grub for younger 2 so I am all prepared and wont have to panic about food for my daughter. They are also going to do a heart and brain trace tomorrow and see if that helps them solve his mistory of why he can't control his blood sugars from dropping. The normal range is 4-7.

The symptoms Ryan had was constuntly thirst, going toilet a lot, easily exhursted, extremely pale, exteme emotions to both ends of the scale and his appetite was also both ends of the scale. Today he has been eating like if he don't eat it will be the end of the world, yesterday was really hard to get him to eat


Ryan is home again but got a load more tests to have as an out-patient

OK so today we found out he has 2 mermas. 1 in his heart the other as they translated it a respiratory merma due to his volves not shutting properly and he is going to be under a ped for the rest of his child-hood. Apparently the heart merma could be the result of his hypoglycemia as it is not functioning properly but only time will tell. Got to give school the talking to that I got today which I can't wait to do. If he gets out of breathe and has no other symptoms of his asthma then no inhaler is to be administered and they will have to do breathing exercises instead which he has to be supervision and assisted to do but if he has 1 or more other asthma symptoms then he can have his inhaler. Very confusing but I am sadly looking forward to the challenge of learning when to give him his inhaler and when not too.



KoolKat I forgot to say the other day that prolonged use of preds can course blood sugar issues. Thye looked at Ryan's asthma meds to make sure they was to high for him and that being the reason for the hypoglycemia but was told the dose he is on at present is fine and not the reason for the issue. Hope your Son is well and they can find the reason for the blood sugar issues soon for you. It is so scarrey but I know what to look out for and how to traet his blood sugar I am a lot more confident with it all.


Moved Ryan to my new GP todayWell Ryan so no reason at all fell this morning on the way to school and he couldn't breathe and was very wheezy so I now it was his asthma and nothing else thankfully. Well I rang my old GP as the kids was still under him with dad being on his books and he refused to see Ryan. Said there was nothing wrong with him even though I put the phone next to Ryan so he could hear that Ryan was wheezing really bad. I continued to push his inhaler and finally he came out of the attack and insisted he was going to school and staying at school. His class teacher is going to very close eye on him for me and she is brilliant. So sad she isn't going to be moving up with him as she come on so much this year when it comes down to her confidence in dealing and recognizing when a child is having an asthma attack. So luckily I had Ryan's birth certificate and red-book on me this morning so I went straight to my GP's and registered him. They couldn't fit him in today but has given him an appointment for tomorrow at 3:50 and told me if he has another bad attack to ring and they will see if there is any chance at all of him being fitted in as an emergency at the end of surgery today. They also booked him in to see the asthma nurse on the 12th July as well. I have an appointment this Friday with the nurse for my asthma and a health review as the doctor forgot to do some of the checks when I saw him the other week about my asthma. I feel very confident that tomorrow will be a good appointment and hopefully the new doctor will listen and Ryan will finally be back on the green inhaler and within a few weeks his asthma will be back to being well controlled again


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