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physio for chest?

I apologise if this topic has been covered before but im interested to know if any of your children, or indeed you, find relief from physio or massage of the chest when heavily congested?

My little girl (aged 14 months) is heavily congested at present and finds it very hard to shift it therefore causing her breathing at night to suffer and subsequently coughing until she vomits regularly. She suffers with asthma and is already on salbutamol, clenil and montelukast.

Has anyone any ideas?

Many thanks.

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Hi Emily,

My daughter (aged 2,7) was admitted to hospital for pneumonia last week (the second time this year) and had physio to help shift secretions/mucous and it seemed to help almost as much as the anti-biotics! I would really recommend it to anyone and also ask the physio to show you how to do it properly and give guidance on how frequently it should be given as the physios themselves are usually only able to provide it once a day (if patient is hospitalised).

We weren't offered it previously but that was in a different area too so it might also depend on the postcode lottery to some degree but if available to you then I'd def recommend!

Best wishes, Sarah


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