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southampton PEAK sorry kick asthma aka the annual rest bite

hi just seeing if anyone else is counting the days to the annual restbite. i'm looking forward to only having to deal with my own inhalers, eczema cream and antihistamines for 6 whole nights. If i'm sounding selfish then yes i am for 6 days a year :-) Anyone else got kids monaing about the new name for peak? personally i don't care what they call it i think the holidays are brill. i should appologise now to patrick and all the other heors for my two arguing non stop especailly as the youngest might well of reached 'big' group status much to the discussed of my elder son :-)

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Counting the days here as well ! I think Sean has told everyone in kent he going peak soon :) Sean was bit dissapionted cos the mates he has made in last two years have moved to older age group but i'm sure he will make new friends easy enough. I've just got to plan some fun days out with my daughter now as she really enjoys being an only child for a week.

Julie x



No really we are looking forwards to having them ;)

Looks like the two age groups will be much more closely associated than previous years due to new site so Sean may very well see his old friends anyway Julie.

And no, I can't get out of the habit of calling it ""PEAK"" either......


Ah thats good news, he will be well pleased when I tell him. I have to confess it's always called Peak in our house, just rolls off tongue :)

Oops just remembered while im typing this that I still havent got the docs care plan thingy done! Last year g.p nurse asked me what she should write so i may as well let Sean make it up as he goes along as he seems to make miraculous recoveries at peak :)

Ok I'm off to surgery to sort it now or i will forget again!


Yes, it must always be referred to as PEAK! Not one of the volunteers asked at last year's meeting liked the new name. Good to hear that there are kids complaining about it too.

Who do they think I am, ""Kick-A-Steve""?!

Anyhoo, I'm thoroughly looking forward to leading the older age group's holiday this year. If anyone has a copy of the new Asthma magazine there's an article about Sarah Isted who'll be leading with me!

Both age groups have great activities planned. If you're reading this and have kids with asthma aged 6-17, and would like to enjoy the break that Debi and Julie get, email and ask them to send you details of the 2007 holidays.


Sean was chatting about Peak today and said

"" I will always call it Peak cos calling it Kick Asthma is not fair on kids with excema. Kids with bad excema will think they can't come peak if they dont have asthma as well. It's a bit horrible for them isnt it mum?""

Well what could I say, I hadnt thought about it like that. I guess kids look at things very differently to us.

julie x


thanks for everyone's comments. so let's get this right kickasteve didn't choose kick asthma nor did sarah um my son ryan is on the kids asthma forum and they didn't like the new name or vote for it either. i agree (though hadn't thought about it) that it is a bit harsh on the eczema kids. so who did choose it? perhaps peak isn't politically correct lol

steve do you know what group zack is in yet? his 11 but 12 in sept and desperate to join the bigger group after 5 years in the younger one.


julie zack (my son) is asking has sean been to either taunton or shrewsbury. because he recalls a sean from then and he might still be in the younger group.


Sean has been to Taunton for last 2 years and def remembers a Zack! Tell Zack Sean is a loud arsenal fan who is a real clown, in the talent shows he usually tells very bad jokes or last year did a puppet thing and ended up covered in toothpaste! I doubt there is too many nutters called sean who have been Taunton lol


You can tell Zack that he's with the older group this time!


Cathy/steve, this may sound like a stupid question but how many times a day is it acceptable to take ventolin at peak? Sean got up with cold symtoms today and tonight is wheezy with pf down 50% but responding really well to ventolin. He may get up tommorow and be right as rain or could follow a familar pattern and need ventolin as often as 2-3 hourly. He does have a care plan from Rbh that states he can stay at home and not attend hospital on 2 hourly ventolin. In true Sean style when he needing ventolin often he doesnt appear unwell and pretty much wants to carry on with usual day, but i am aware it is a lot to ask of you all to do meds so often.

I have increased sub cut etc tonight so hopefully im worrying about nothing and its a blip but I thought i should ask the question before Sean starts worrying he will miss peak.



Hi Julie,

There is no set limit to the amount of ventolin we ""allow"" the kids to have in one day, but we do tend to use it as an indicator of how their asthma is.

If you ask to have your initial interview with me on Sunday, we'll have a chat about how Sean has been and what we should be looking out for etc. Provided he has a care plan that says he's OK with 2hrly ventolin, that's fine - it's not a problem. We can always give you a call if there are any problems - just like you, we wouldn't want Sean to miss PEAK :-)


Thank you so much for quick reply, what a relief. He has missed out on so much this year and i really didnt want to add peak to the list. I doubt it would do him much good to be worrying bout going either so at least I can put his mind at rest.

Anyway I've maxed all drugs so fingers crossed he will be absolutly fine by sunday and u will just think im a neurotic mum :)



I'm sure you're not ;-) But I do hope he is feeling better soon.

See you Sunday

PS Let's hope he doesn't donate another dressing gown to PEAK this year....:-D


thanks steve that will please zack but prob not ryan lol


Well, both Zack and Ryan were stars this week. Hope they enjoyed their break as much as the volunteers did!!


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