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Alfie and the Royal Brompton

Hi again,

Alfie, my 4 yr old son, had an appointment last Friday at St. Georges Hospital, Tooting. His appointment was taken by a Dr. from the Royal Brompton Hospital instead of his normal consultant (who is a paed consultant spec in respitory disorders). This Dr. who's name I am unable to spell (something like Dr Cheevaz) was lovely. He explained to me that it was felt that Alfie has become so difficult to treat that another opinion needed to be sought.

He is concerned that on the very high doses of flixotide, regular pred and regular antibiotics that Alfie is still struggling to maintain control of his asthma. He wants to repeat Alfie's adrenal function test because his growth has slowed down and he is bruising easily. He was also concerned by the fact that Alfies heart murmur has again started becoming noticable.

He won't repeat the bronchoscopy because it made Alfie so ill last time. He is prepared to repeat the blood allergy tests but will not skin test him because his skin has eczema on his forearm which he says is significantly abnormal and indicates that without the high dose steroids that his eczema would be very bad.

At least now that Alfie has settled from his last flare up I've calmed down but I wasn't very confident about meeting a different dr because it was Alfies regular consultant that has managed to keep him out of picu at long last.

The tests will all take place at St. Georges.



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