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first asthma attack

3 yr old has had asthma symptoms for a while. Dr always said that he was 2 young for a dx of Asthma, and that it was croup. He has only ever sufferd with a cough/wheeze which has been fixed with an oral steroid in the past.

Dr finally agreed to access for Asthma and gave blue inhaler, we were due back this week to review and see if he needed additional treatment.

He became unwell on Monday, with this cough and wheeze, so ran up to GP who said.....oh i think its croup, but he is in a bad way and his heart rate is really fast, he was also sweating at this point. gave him a steroid and sent us to childrens hospital, armed with a letter stating that he thought it was croup and not his asthma. Told us to expect to be in for a few hours at least.

Off we go to the hosp, but he was v ill by the time we got there, sleepy, tummy breathing, pale etc.

Settled after a couple of nebulizers and more steroids. Then some oxygen thru the night to bring his levels up. tho sure many of u are familiar with this.

He is home now and continuing the 10 puffs of salbutamol every 3 - 4 hours, 30mg of prednisone daily, and now has a Clenil Modulate brown inhaler.

Have to make an appointment for GP this week.

Hopefully manage to keep on top of his asthma now it has been diagnosed and has an asthma plan. Dunno why Drs are so against saying yes its Asthma, in young kids.

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My son is 3 he had his first attack when he was 2 bit scarey isn't it? I found it really hard dealing with the "" he is too young for asthma"" label. I got there in the end but it was hard work. You have to push sometimes. I hope you son is getting better I don't know about you but I notice when my boy is on steroids and lots of blue inhaler he can be a bit hyper, restless etc. it does pass though. Good luck!!!


thanx for the reply

yes i have noticed him a little hyper lol.


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