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Just wondering if dogs should be completely out of the question cos i have a 10 year old would love a dog and i know it would be good for him but also have a 14 year old who has asthma, have tried having a dog before but daniels asthma got really bad but that was a rough collie, just wondering if it was short haired if it would be different. Would be a shame cos i know my 10 year old would love a dog but also know that daniels asthma has to come first. We have only had one bad asthma attack but that was enough, dont want another one.


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bichon frise

Just had to get back to you on this, I have a son who has Severe Chronic Allergice Asthma, he is steroid dependent 40mg, and takes the following, montelukast, slo-phylin, Atrovent, Serevent, Seretide, Lozec, Omalizumab injection, Salbutamol ect.... I have thought long and hard about this, but came to the conclusion that he should at least have the opportunity to have a puppy. I found on the internet a Bichon Frise which is a french lap dog which does not moult and is good for Allergy sufferers ie skin allergys or asthmatics..... We arranged to meet the breeders whose children were also asthmatics to see if john could tolerate the puppy, as it a bad mistake to make if things hadnt gone right.. Anyway we are now the proud owner of Ozzie who is a Bichon Frise, i have bergundy carpets right through and this white ball of fluff has not shed one hair... John has home tuition so now has a gr8 friend to keep him company, we have had him for 5 weeks and john has not showed any signs of a reaction or ashtma attack..... i am sure that it has done john the world of good he is a different person and likes to get out for a short walk and it seems to have taken his mind off himself.... Please pm me if you need a chat further because I know exactly how hard the decision is and i did not make it lightly i can assure you of that....

Bev x


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