ppl make me so angry first its my fault my babies got asthma now i duno wot its like to live wiv asthma!! my 21 yr old cousin has had to be on a blue inhaler since havin swine flue a few months ago and had the cheek to scream at me that i dunowot its like apparently its alot worse to live it, my boy has had really bad asthma since 8 months old and now almost 3 still aint under controll, hes bad most days and practicly every nite ive been trying to exsplain to ppl how difficult it is but no1 understands i duno my point ov writing this on here but i needed to get it out, im angry, i feel sick after all this time we r gettin ignored because i dnt go on about it all the time ppl think everythings ok but its not far from it, seein my boy struggle just walking to the shops neva mind bk which is only a few mins away the thought ov tellin me i aint feeling it i feel it, every day i feel it i wud tak it off him in a second if i cud and seein him struggle breaks my heart i aint ashamed to admit i aint coping very well more lately than ever, and the more family members brush it off the worse it makes things, hes just a baby and hes already dealt wiv it for such a long time i duno wot to do ne more

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  • Crystal. Your cousin sounds a bit of an idiot, but perhaps is finding it difficult to deal with having asthma. You know better than anybody how scary it is and perhaps your cousin is just feeling frightened and isolated. You're obviously a really good mum doing your very best for your little boy and maybe your cousin needs someone to give him (her?) the same sort of support.

    You are obviously having a really hard time at the moment and I think you probably need some help but it's really hard to actually ask for it. You've been brave enough to tell us that you're not coping well and you know that everyone here is so much on your side but that doesn't help you to deal with the every day difficulties. Maybe there is a local support group that you could join. If your doctor's surgery is any good you might find details there, although maybe you'll have to ask the receptionist.

    Take care


  • this is guna sound like im jealous and in a way i prob am, but she has all the support ne 1 cud ever wish for emotionally mentally and finacially, her mother and father are gr8, mine well, cut it short morals and values r all wrong, im sorry i shud neva have put such a irelivant post on here ppl out there are dealing wiv alot worse but thanks will be def be asking down the docs for sumthing. thanks

  • I would hardly call your post irrelevant, asthma effects many people in many ways, both forvthe sufferer and the carer. It is not easy and I for one am far happier suffering with asthma rather than having and caring for young children who suffer. There can't be many things in life harder than having to watch a young child / baby struggling to breathe. I find it amazing that so called friends and family members o not appreciate that.


  • Crystal, you have nothing to apologise for and your post is NOT irrelevent. You are doing a very good job taking care of your little boy without the help and support that you're entitled to expect. Every parent knows how hard it is to see a child ill and in pain and frightened, and you're having to deal with that every day. You must be really strong to have coped on your own for all this time and I really hope that your doctor can help you get the support that you need.


  • strong is the last word id use, i cant stop crying its strange but wen i log on to this site i cry more, i feel as if i want to give up but no i cant, went downt the docs got so wrapped up in trying to get help for reiss i didnt even mention how down im getting, im feeling like i cant cope every1 telling me its my fault and no1 willing to help or care bout helping is getting ontop, i no im soundin just as selfish as them now but a few mins here and there to pick up a fone and see how he is or to pop by to giv him a kiss wud be sumthing but they dnt they just dnt bother, and not any kind ov reason or excuse y, im sorry its like i start typing and i cant stop i wana scream, shout but i cant i feel trapped, i keep saying ive had enough then the reality kicks in i got no choice i luv my kids to bits and any thing i say does not reflect on them but i just wish they were born into a beta family than mine no familys perfect but mines boyond belief, my kids deserve beta than me, thanks every1 for ur kind words and thoughtg and i do take in everything that is said and will try and find time to c my gp, the more i think bout it the more i believe i need it thanks again x x x x x x

  • Oh Crystal, I'd really love to be able to give you a hug to make you feel a bit better. You are trying so hard to do the best you can for your kids it's no wonder that it all gets on top of you sometimes, especially when you're not getting any support from your family. Your kids couldn't ask for a better Mum, or one who loved them more than you do. The last thing your little ones need is for you to be ill as well, so don't feel that it's wrong for you to get some help to deal with it all.

    Take lots of care of yourself.


  • Oh Crystal....I feel like crying for you. I am so sorry you are feeling this way. Unfortunately, people can be inherantly selfish and it doesn't exclude family, which makes it worse as you feel they should be there for you.

    I really feel you should go to the doctor and have a chat about how you are feeling. You must be physically and emotionally exhausted...and I'm not surprised.

    I am shocked at your family....but then mine are crap too...so I kinda know where you are coming from.

    You are a great mum...you love your children so much and that is the most importnat thing. People can be so cruel....try to ignore them (I know it's hard).....I'm rubbish really as I don't really know what to say as I feel really upset an angry for you.

    Take care xxx

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