GCSE and not able to take them

can anyone explain to me what i can do with the current situation i find my self in with my niece. she is very poorly in hospital with her asthma and i have left messages with school teachers as she is schooled at the hospital school but i was far to late getting to see them today as they had left. she missed Wednesday and Thursdays exams but at the present this is not of great concern just her health and being taken to icu from hdu this morning this is the main focus really, but i am worrying as i realise this is worrying her as she has seen these exams as her future and the be all and end all of how she wants to start post sixteen education.i have explained that this is not so but you know teenagers. it may seem odd to ask this at this moment and some what heart less that i ask this when she is so unwell but it may help if i have answers to her concerns from this morning.and no one here seems to have any answers. but i am concerned the stress levels this will be causing her is contributing her her asthma symptoms. i have no experience with these exams and protocols to do with gcse.if anybody knows the correct channels i should go down i would appreciate any information.thank you for must go and feed my sons and get back to the hospitial.

kind regards jaycie

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  • Have you spoken to the school teacher at the hospital where your niece is? I work on a childrens ward and our teacher always contacts the schools to get work sent over etc and also negotiates exams. It is possible for predicted grades/ coursework to be used if she is unable to sit the actual exams. Please tell her not to worry and if you or her want to pm me please do.

    Hope she gets better soon


  • yes i have tried to speak to the school teacher, as i said before,but when i went on to the wards no teacher was about in any of the school rooms she has been schooled on part-time terms here for a while and this is how she gets educated, due to physiotherapy and regular treatment throughout the day for her chronic brittle asthma that became to much for mainstream school to handle!! but also infusions for an underlying immunological disease. thank you

  • hey jelly bean, if you have tried contacting the school with no avail, then i would try the exam boards my mum did this last year ans they are very helpful There are many things that can heppen like take moc results/predicted grades, as i some how dont think that sje will be able to sit the exam even if they snet it to the hosp, well not now anyway!

    please tell her form me and to not to worry about exams as they can be sorted or agrrangemnets can be made , please focous on getting her better first and out of itu!

    you can call the exams boards they are AQA, OCR or EDexcel ( youll have to check with her), and expalinthe situation directly to them as this will help

    below is the different links to the websites as i dont know whioch is the nearest call center for you to call and the numbers ofr the others there are other

    exam boards

    AQA aqa.org.uk/contact.php

    OCR 01223 553 998

    EdExcel 0870 240 9800

    please let me know if i can do anything else to help

    hugs and kisses to you both

    katie xxx

  • do you realise Katie i had not thought of that its so simple really!! i will give spider your thoughts. hopefully it will not be to long before you can have a good old chat to her. take care hun jaycie and many thanks x

  • I know this is not alot of consolation but my school told me if I missed by June GCSE's due to being in hospital that I could carry on with my A-levels in September and take my GCSE's in November or January.

    I hope she gets better,

    May x

  • Jellybean

    Will you please tell spider that i am also thinking of her i think she will know me better as me or littletiger21

    From what i rememebre being told

    U can get special consideration from the examboards if a doctors note is gained which with her being in hosp wont be a problem nd then the exam board go on either her predicted/mock grades or they do something where the teacher nominates two people (i think) from her class that wouldve been getting similar marks to spider and she gets a result based on her marks...i know thats what happened with my rs exam last year.

    Also colleges and future universities would not stop someone attending simply because they were in hospital during the exams they are very leinient

    Hope that helps

    nd i hope spider gets better soon we are all thinking of her

    Emma x

  • You certainly can get special consideration for exams supported by a doc's letter - you might not even need a doc's letter. I had to write statements for some of my ""A"" levels when I got horrendous follicular tonsillitis on the day they started. I sat them all, but strangely wasn't really feeling myself much....

  • Hi there, nothing really to add in terms of advice that the others haven't said, but the exam boards are usually understanding in this kind of situation. Send spider my love please.


  • Jellybean, the school teachers can write to the examboards and explain they will give her a grade based on her mocks, and course work they also tend to be pretty fair in these cases. Tell her not to worry it wil get sorted and she will be able to carry the grades forward.

    If she wants to do A'levels then I am sure they will allow her to start them even if the final result of the GSCE's is not sorted.



    thank you all so very much for taken the time to respond to my strange request at this time. i have sent your well wishes. hollyanna (aka ,spider) is still struggling but i do not wish at this time to post her current situation and hope you can understand the reasons behind this.

    kind regards Jaycie

  • i missed half my gcse exams due to glandular fever and i got the grades i was predicted after i got a sick note sent to the exam board

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