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newly diagnosed

Hi all

My 21 month old has just been diagnosed with asthma after a long stay in intensive care. He has suffered from repeted chest infections from birth but nothing as serious as what has been going on in t he last few weeks. He actually stopped breathing at one point and had to be ventilated as he couldn,t breath for himself. So now after all the scary stuff I am as scared as hell to take him out I am convinced he will come in contact with a child that has a cold or will come across a trigger. He is on steriods twice daily and has salbutamol but getting him to take these is like fighting world war three. What I would love to know is any tips for encouraging him to take the pumps and maybe some soothing words to help me regain my confidence to take him back to baby groups as my flat seems to be shrinking by the day....

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hi see the thread ""2 yr old will not allow us to give inhalers via areo spacer"" its on parents and carers. Hopefully it will give you a few tips and ideas.



My son is also 21 months. He had a cough since birth and I kept asking the drs to do something about it, as he t had chest infection after chestinfection. Finally after much persucion I managed to get the drs to give him a blue and then a brown inhaler. They are now saying that due to my family history it isv likely that his is asthmatic. So far we have never had to deal wth a big attack (touch wood lol) As for getting your son to take his inhaler, have you tried getting him to sing a song in to his mask. This idea came from when my brother (now 23) had is 1st attck at 18 months and the nurses told him that the whole hospital would hear him if he sang. We have since tried this with my little boy, and if i sing to he joins in and is now taking big breaths without any trouble.

Hope this helps.



My daughter who is 5 was put on a blue and orange inhalor a year ago, and my son who is 3 has recently been put on a brown and blue inhalor, both have constant coughing especially at night although my son has had repeated chest infections since he was born.

My concern is that no one is able to confirm that it is asthma they have got and it is basically trial and error.

My daughter seems to be well now with very little coughing, my son was ok for about 4weeks but has now developed another cold and is coughing constantly.

Does anyone else have any concerns about their child being put on steriods without a proper diagnosis being made.


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