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What would you do? Im worried!

Maddie has had 2 courses of pred in the last 10 days. Shes poorly again, after being off the pred for 2 days.

I took her to the gp surgery this morn but could only see a locum dr. I explained what has been going on etc to which the dr asked ""Does she have an inhaler?""!!!!

When id finished telling the dr exactly what meds my little girl is taking( Budesonide nebs, Montelukast, Serevent, Ventolin, Antihists!) she listened to her chest. Shes evidently wheezing, coughing and struggling.

The dr hasnt given her any more pred as she's concerned that it will 'stunt her growth'! Shes given her antibiotics and told me to come back in a weeks time!!

Im so worried.

The antibiotics take approx 48hrs to take effect! What happens in the meantime?!

What would you do? The locum obviously doesnt know Maddie. Our normal GP knows the situation and is really helpful. Its the first time ive been faced with an unhelpful GP

We are due to go away this weekend so I asked advice as to what I should do with regards to meds etc while away. The only advice the GP gave was to 'cancel the trip'!

What would you do with regards to everything?? Do you think the treatment shes been given is ok?

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Personally, having been faced with unhelpful GPs on a number of occasions I would ring back the receptionists and explain that you are unsatisfied with the treatment that you were offered. I would then ask for an appointment this afternoon or tomorrow morning with a GP that knows Maddie or is at least aware of the severity of her asthma.

This is the advice that I have been given in the event that I see a GP with whom I am not happy, and I am hoping to get it documented on my notes that I am only to see GPs who are fully aware of my situation and to follow the treatment plan laid out by my consultant.

I hope you get Maddie the treatment that she needs.




Aw Emily, what a worry. Totally agree with Em. If you feel assertive enough to then I'd also be inclined to explain to the receptionist. Sometimes receptionist can be really snotty though - I often find that the practice managers are much more helpful. Poor little Maddie, she's having such a rough time of it. It's such a horrible time of the year, they seem to pick up one thing after another. Did the doc not give her a nebuliser to see if that helped? And is there evidence of a chest infection? A nurse that I work with explained that chest noises sound different if there's an infection as opposed to asthma sounds. If you're really, really worried Emily then I'd be inclined to get down A&E. Lx


Hi Emily, I can't really add to what the others have said except that I do sympathise. I have had similar experiences with doctors when taking my teenage son, ie maybe a locum doctor or someone I felt didnt quite understand the situation. I would try to see another doctor who has dealt with Maddie before, or if she is bad this weekend contact the out of hours service (we have always found the service to be very good).

You ask about going away for the weekend - in all honesty I would follow the GPs advice on this. It depends what you are doing of course, but it's so cold and horrid outside, it's important to keep her warm and in a fairly constant temperature with medical assistance on hand. I understand how disappointing it is to cancel things, we have missed countless events because of my son's asthma. Even last week, he couldnt play in a school concert because he was ill - and I wasted £12 on tickets! We were all disappointed, but there will be other concerts and other weekends away. Hope she feels better soon. xxx


Well, an update............

We needed to call a dr out at 4am this morning.. Maddie had an attack which led to very loud wheezing both on exhale and inhale. She was struggling.

We also ended up at our GP's this morning in an attempt to get some support. The GP was brill and has now given us Salbutamol nebules to use at home too. She already has Budesonide nebs twice daily but we really were relieved to get Salbutamol too as we feel that we can act immediately now when we see her go downhill rather than wait for help to come. (We are v rural!)

Thank you all for your support, its very much appreciated. This site really is a wonderful place.



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