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Newbie after advice etc

Hello all, this site looks really friendly so I thought I'd join.

My boyfriend, Adam, has moderate asthma and I was hoping to share messages and advice with people, especially when things get scary!

If anyone wants to talk please drop me a message. I don't know many people with asthma and I'm hoping to benefit my boyfriend by learning some new stuff on here!


From sunny Arizona!

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Welcome, Crystal! I'm sure Arizona must be sunnier than it is here in the UK at the moment...!

I too have a partner with asthma whilst not suffering from it myself. It can be very scary, especially if you're not used to dealing with the condition yourself, so kudos to you for signing up here to try and learn more. And you are quite right; we are a really friendly lot.

Feel free to ask anything you like - remember, there are no stupid questions. You might also like to try the search facility (down on the left under the ""talking points"" box) to look back through the wealth of information that has been posted on here over the last 18 months.

The beauty of this board is that the members range from interested non-asthmatics (such as you and I) through parents of asthmatics, to diagnosed asthmatics of varying severity - there'll pretty much always be someone around with experience of any problems you may encounter.

Take care, and best wishes to you both,


(Welcoming moderator!)


Hello and welcome!

I am a moderate-severe asthmatic, but my boyfriend isn't, so i'm kinda in the opposite role to you!

Well firstly, well done to you for wanting to learn so you can support your partner: when I have an attack - which is quite often - it is so very reassuring to have him about, to help with my inhaler if i need it, etc. One thing i have found to be very helpful if i'm having an attack is to sit in front of him with my back to his chest so that i can breathe in time with him. This helps to calm my breathing enough to take my inhaler.

I hope this helps, and don;t forget to ask if you need advice!

Emz x


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