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Qs: Singulair/ Child's bedroom ventilation

My son (three and a half years old) is allergic to dustmites, peanuts, milk, eggs, fig trees and possibly cats. When the weather changes he gets a cold and which always results in bronchitis.

His allergist wants to put him on Singulair for 4 months to stop asthma from developing. I don't want to give him this drug because of the possible side effects, especially as depression runs in my family. What are my options? Is homeopathy a good alternative?

His bedroom is interior and has a window which opens onto the hallway, not outside. We live in a flat in Barcelona. I use a fan to ventilate his room. I am going to buy a steamcleaner and a dehumidifier. Does he have to sleep in a room with a window?

I am still breastfeeding despite 95% of people I know telling me he is too old (I've heard it all before and it's doing him no harm -I am following the same allergen elimination diet as he is). Can this help asthma? I always believed that breastfed children didn't have these problems but obviously I was wrong. I can't find any evidence on the net that breastfeeding helps asthma.

If anyone can answer any of these questions I'll be very grateful!

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My daughter was put on Singulair at age 4 and although I did have concerns she has been fine. I decided to take her to a homeopath to build up her constitution after a particularly trying time. Since going onto homeopathic remedies she is picking up a lot less viral illnesses, which are her main trigger. If you are happy to keep breast feeding ignore everyone else I too did extended feeding until she was 3 and wonder how ill she would have been if I had not fed her.

Good luck.


Hi, My son was put on Singulair when he was about 7 and he's always been fine with it. In fact we noticed a big improvement in his asthma for about a year afterwards. He's 14 now and recently went on the adult dose, and again, no noticeable side effects.

With regard to bedroom ventilation, the fan will only move the air around, it will not not bring in fresh air. I would have thought it would be better if he could sleep in a room with a window so that fresh air can get into the room, but I'm no expert... It depends where the nearest window is in relation to his bedroom I suppose.



My 3yr old daughter was put on singulair chewable tablets about 3 months ago, i have already noticed the change, they are really helping her, infact 3 weeks ago we ran out and she went without them for 3 days which resulted in an asthma attack and chest infection which she had to have lots of ventolin, steroids and amoxycillin.

The only side effect i have noticed is that she gets very thirsty now....Good Luck


Singulair/ Child's bedroom ventilation

Hi, my 7 year old daughter has been on Singulair pills fo 8 months, she calls them her 'Pink fuzzy pills', I have noticed an improvement in her viral asthma. Like one of the other parents when she runs out and we have forgotten to get more she gets a chest infection, I breast fed her until she was 13 months and if you feel comfortable with continuing you go with your heart not other peoples opinions. She does not sleep with a window open because it causes any dust or spores in the air to curculate quicker but I have her window open all day to air the room and hoover with a vacuum cleaner every afternoon.

I have not noticed any mental side effects and there is also depression in our family. Good luck and keep me posted.


Hi all,

Thanks for the replies. I went to a homeopath because I just couldn't take the risk with Singulair. Maybe I would feel different if my son actually had asthma but this is a preventitive measure. The homeopath has given us three different prescriptions to keep his bronchitis under control. It is good to know that people aren't having side effects with Singulair, I want to keep an open mind about it.

As for ventilation, I don't want to move him to the other room because that room has a patio door (it's an old house) and it's absolutely freezing in the winter. The solution I have found is to have all the windows in the house open all day and use a fan to channel fresh air into his room.

It's tough keeping up with the constant cleaning, speaking of which, I have a bedroom to mop! Oh by the way, I got a steam cleaner for about 70 euros and it's wonderful as it can be used on any surface, curtains, sofas, tiles, floors, mattresses. I am so happy, it takes the misery out of cleaning!!


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