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Can he take care for himself?

Hi, I'm new to this so bear with me. My son has had asthma for a couple of years now and never really needed any help with managing it as it wasn't very severe. Now he's getting older and his asthma seems to be triggered by everything. He knows excersize sets it off so he has to warm up and down properly and take his inhaler and he knows to stay away from other kids with colds 'cos that really sets him off, coughing all night etc. He's also getting more and more rebelious and doesn't always take his preventer inhaler. I'm trying not to nag him so that he sort of learns to take responsibility for his own asthma but it's having the opposite affect more often than not. Should I even be making him take responsibility for himself?

Any ideas as to how i can make him more careful and independent about his asthma?

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Liz, its a tough one. You have not said how old he is but rather than have a row in the morning or at night when he should be taking his preventers you try chatting to him during the day, car journies are ideal as they can't escape. Say you are worried that the asthma seems worse and that he is not using his preventer, if he says he is then you will know from frequency of repeat scripts if he is telling the truth. Tell him you think it is about time he manaed his own asthma but if he is not going take his preventers then you are going to nag.

I had a blissful few years when my son was complient but now sadly he is not, you would have thought as he is the one who goes with me to hospital when I go splatt he would take is preventers, I can only hope he sorts himself out before he gets reality check he won't forget.



Have you thought about sending him on a Kick Asthma Holiday?

They are run each year by Asthma UK. The holidays encourage and empower children to look after their own asthma.

Oh and have lots of fun too!

it is ages 6- 17 yrs



Thanks Kate, I had though of the asthma hols but they aren’t on again until the summer, don’t suppose you know what sort of info they give?

Bex thanks for the car journey advise, haha I might have to try that! I hope your son can realise the situation before he needs that sort of reality check



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