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What inhalers do your children have?

I'm interested to see what inhalers other people's children take as I think my 4 year old twins may be about to get their's changed and I want to get myself informed so I know what the consultant is talking about!

Oliver is currently on flixotide 2 puffs twice a day. He also has atrovent 1 puff 3 times a day when he has a cold or virus etc plus ventolin when needed, regular to help if has cough / cold.

Harry has the same minus the atrovent.

We are havign a rough few weeks. Oliver has had a terrible chest infection requiring 2 courses anti biotics. Was admitted for 24 hours 4 weeks ago, then a&e for neb last weds. He has also had 2 courses prednisolone, 3 days first time the 5 days which finished sunday.

Harry has had a chest infection which cleared quickly but still has acough and he's now waking in the night coughing and first thing in the morning.

The asthma nurse has mention a purple inhaler, think this is a long acting one and also singulair. Does anyone have any experience of either of these and have they helped?

The boys tend to get coughs that last forever but often their chests are clear. The Gp always says its viral but i'm really not too sure that it is.

They're genereally not wheezy children, usual sypmtom is a cough, and their asthma seems to be kicked off by coughs and colds.

Thanks in advance!

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I am not exactly sure about the color scheme in UK, but our boy (now 18months) is on flovent (Fluticasone , or Flixotide in UK). He was on 110 mcg, 2 puffs, twice a day, now we are down to 44 mcg, 2 puffs, twice a day. He always took singulair (5 mg, now 4mg) in the evening.

His asthma always starts after a cold or after antibiotics treatment.

Unfortunately, after many hospitalizations and tests, the infections were never viral. The last times in hospital we had to put on paper gowns for a week, before the test results came back with the no virus.

As you know, every child is affected differently by the medications. We are lucky that his current combination works well. It took some time after we first started this combination for the symptoms to disappear and for him to settle down (a few weeks). When on higher doses I was convinced that he had nightmares, but again, it is highly individual. His doctor is convinced that singulair may not do anything for 80% of the cases but it is safe. You have to decide this with your doctor.

You are probably aware that after the child takes steroids and singulair he/she will be more susceptible to infections and as a result a probable antibiotics treatment will be needed. We just got an ear infection and I am worried what will happen in 10 days. I started looking after his diet and promote healthy eating as much as possible at his age and really cut on sugar. I am glad that he likes unsweetened yogurt and does not like to drink juice :).


Sidney was changed to Seretide 50 2 puffs twice a day and also only has symptons when he gets a cold. I definately think he has improved but still needed pred the last time he had a cold but no neubs and no overnight stay. They also tried Singlair when he was on Flixotide and I thought this made no difference what so ever so we stopped it. But apparently for some it can be really effective.


Thanks for your replies. I spoke to our asthma nurse yesterday and we are getting a prescriptoin for the purple one today, I'm assuming this is seretide. Thing with Oliver is he can be fine in between attacks, but afterwards takes a long time to recover. Once he does we have a very good few months but then takes a while to get back under control again. I'm thinking that he is not properly controlled so its not taking much to push his asthma over the edge and that's why the recovery takes so long.

Fingers crossed this may help (although now his twin brother is upset he's not getting a purple inhaler!)


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