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Side effects of inhalers

I was wondering if there were any other parents out there who have a child who is sensitive/intolerant to inhalers? My son, 4yrs old, has an intolerance or sensitivity to most of the inhalers. He gets very tired, irritable and pale. At first the paediatrician and I thought it was worsening asthma but it has become clear over two years of experimenting that there is something in the inhalers which bothers him. The hospital says this is very rare but is as a result of my son being hypersensitive. He is now on Singulair and we hope he responds better. Has anyone else had this experience?

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Hey, I am sensitive to all the aersol inhalers they make my asthma worse. I now use a dry powder self actavate one. It is a round circle shape called an accuhaler. Unfort i have to use a nebuilser for a blue inhaler because they dont make them in the other version and they use different ingredients. It is annoying but there are loads of different inhalers out there that use different chemicals i recommend experimenting with them all! It took me 3 years to find one that suited.

HOpe you get some where



Some of the inhalers have ethanol in. read the leaflet that comes with the inhalers,to see whats in the inhalers and compare ingrediants. Salamol has it in but ventolin does, unfortunately its not listed in the docyors bnf book only on the leaflet with in the box


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