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What do parents do at night in case of child's asthma attack?

This is my first post on this website. Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I am wondering what parents would advise for a night time asthma attack? My son (who is 5 years old) had his first attack in the summer. Sorry also to sound neurotic, but I am worried about leaving him alone at night in case he has an attack and doesn't ask for help! Asthma is not in mine or my husband's immediate family so we have not had to deal with this before our son had his attack. Is a baby listener a good idea to put in his room at night or is there another tool specifically for asthma sufferers?

Advice gladly received thanks!

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Welcome Lucinda,

not sure about that but if you go on the top of this page and click on all about asthma,there it a thread for children with info on also a number to chat to the asthma nurse and very helpful to talk to,aswell as other posts.

good luck love Glynis xxx


Hi Lucinda

Lucinda, my name is kelly, this is my first night on the site and Ive been posting all night. My boys were diagnosed nearly 2 years ago and it was the most frightening and stressful time, still is sometimes. According to my asthma nurse there should be a build up or warning if an attack is imminent maybe night time coughing or rapid breathing or just generally being out of sorts. This site gives good tips as does webmd. They say also that if the child is asleep they are ok, if they are having symptoms they will not be able to sleep. I have sat up many a night with the kids just in case a cough develops into something more and there is nothing as frightening. If you think they are not right, give them the ventolin, you are allowed to give up to ten puffs, giving a break of one minute between puffs. If the symptoms are not improving then ring your doctor or call 999. I Hope this helps. Good Luck, been there.


lucinda, i feel exactly the same about my boy and night time. i find it the most difficult thing to deal with and also leaving him in the care of others. not very good for our own well-being i know! i bring him in with us when he's poorly or i sleep in with him. it makes me feel better. we also sleep with the doors open. i worry that i won't wake up, he won't have chance to call out if it's an acute attack etc (even though he's not had an acute attack). have thought about discussing it with our resp nurse to see if she has any ideas. if i get any good suggestions i'll post them to you. sorry i can't be of more help.


attack's at night

Hi Lucinda, my daughter is mainly very poorly on a night i find using a baby listener with a screen on so you can see him too will help you feel more at ease at night and keeping his med's near his bedside so you can give them to him without disturbing him too much my daughter is the same sometimes she doesn't even wake for her meds i have to just go in nd give them to her when i think she sounds really bad because they get used to being poorly and learn to sleep through them. hope this helps


Thanks for your replies. I think I will get some sort of baby listener. I know this is scary for all parents and I am sure I will be forever worried!! I am grateful this forum exists and once again thanks for sharing your experiences. Lucinda x


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