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My 9 year old daughter has had asthma for many years now, she is also atopy. Her asthma has been badly controlled since last september which he cons has been trying to get right. She has been in and out of hospital fo the past couple of months and was eventually referred to birminghams childrens hospital. She takes seretide 2 puffs twice a day, montelukast, ventolin, also she is on prednisolone which she has been now for 2 months, ( she also has antihistamine for allergies and hayfever). The childrens hospital have now added in theophyllin twice a day, this is a new med for us and was wondering if anyone on it can tell me about it please.

Many thanks

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OOo Jd Im sorry to hear about your daughter. Im afraid I cant help at all but am very interested as my little girl takes exactly the same meds (every one!) as your little one and she too is likely to be going onto something else in the next couple of months.

Im interested in any advice your given.

Soo glad she was refered on though, must finally feel like you have the correct support.

Hope it all settles quickly for her.x


Hi J.D. I have been on Phyllocontin 225 mgs two twice a day for the past four years, it helps to keep the airways open. It is quite an old fashioned drug but Montelukast didn't work for me. I do get nausea and upset tummy from the Phyllocontin and severe headache when I stepped up from two a day to four a day. I have blood tests regularly to check the levels. My daughter was put on Theophyllin when she was 3 I had to open up the capsule and mix it with fromais frai but I took her off it after 3 months as it made it hyperactive and bladder incontinent. I hope your daughter gets better control.


i have been on theophyllin for ages, i had no side effects at all!! and it controlled my asthma very well! i hope it works the same for your daughter. You do get a raised heart rate though but it does not cause any probs.

hope she gets better controllled!


My son was put on Theophyllin (175mg twice a day) at age of 11 and it has definitely helped. The dose was increased to 250mg a few months ago. It is a bit old fashioned (has been around for many years) but the consultant added it to his other meds when his asthma wasnt controlled very well.

I have taken it as well - most of my life. But I just take one tablet now when I'm not well. It's really effective - but I get nauseau and a slightly raised pulse. Funnily enough my son has NO side effects at all.


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