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My daughters consultant has just prescribed her Budesonide nebules to have twice a day.

I havent really read much about it but I thought id start here and ask if there are any side effects to look out for etc?

What I did read was that she had to avoid anyone with chicken pox, measles or shingles?? Is this right??

Any info on this would be great.

Shes also taking Serevent, Ventolin, Montelukast and antihists daily.

Many thanks,


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Hi Emily35,

Budesonide is a steroid that is in a pulmicort inhaler and in a symbicort inhaler (combined/long acting reliever). So i'm guessing it has similar side effects to other steroid inhalers but, your daughter would obviously be having a much higher dose in the nebules.



Hi Emily,

I used to use budesonide neb regularly and now only use them when i have a chest infection or cold etc. They are pretty good but make sure your daughter washes her mouth out after using them as they can give you a bit of a sore mouth after a while if you dont wash your mouth out.

The nebs work well. It jsut means that the steriod component actully gets to the lungs to help with the inflamation whereas with an inhaler alot of the drug is lost by being trapped on in the mouth.

If you ahve any questions about it jsut pm me.



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