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help my 6 month old baby has asthma !

My 6 month old baby has been diagnosed with asthma, i have to give him his inhaler twice day and use a spacer with a mask with it but i'm having problems getting my son to take the inhaler with the spacer. i've let him play with the spacer as the doctor advised but he still screams when i put it on his face and get's really distressed ! can anyone give me tips on how to help him take the inhalor ? oh and another thing my doctor said look out for triggers that will set off his asthma ?! dos that mean i have to expose him to different situations to see which one sets off his asthma ?! can anyone help me ?

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Hi, my baby is nine months and is petty used to her spacer and usually have it ok but when we first had it we gace it to her when she was asleep so she was unaware of having it and got the drugs into her without her getting stressed, which could make symptoms worse. i'm sure other mums have more ideas but mines a start!! With regards to the triggers I think you should just be aware of each situation you normally would be exposed to and note if your baby has increased symptoms. For example, my sister has a dog and we noticed with my older daughter that every time we went there her eczema and asthma would flare up for a couple of days after and skin prick tests did confirm a dog allergy.

Hope I have been a little help to you, Fiona.

PM me if you want to chat further


Thanx for your reply Fiona, you've been a great help. I'll try giving it to him at night time fom now on, hopefully that might help ?! How old was your daughter when she was diagnosed with asthma ? i had to see three different doctors before the fourth doctor took me seriously and did furthr tests ! it's been a nightmare. This is my first time on this web site so i hope you get this message okay.


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