wondering whats going on

had a really weird week my 6 yr old has severe asthma her sister is 8 and has never suffered but on friday had an attack for the first time and has had 3 since, i took her to the docs on monday and he said her chest was clear but had a temp and found protein in her urine so sent a sample off and said see how she goes today however i took her back as she was wheezy and the doctor prescribed her prednisilone and amoxycillan as he said her chest was wheezy and she still had a temp her urine tests come back clear how does this work shows protein at docs and then the same sample is fine at hospital sorry to moan on but im wondering what to do from here and what could bring it all on and so quickly any advice would be greatly apreciated




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  • Hey Marie,

    I'm not sure I can give you much advice, but just wanted you to know how your daughter was getting on and to bump up your post to see if anyone else has and info they can give you. I guess your daughter's asthma could have been induced by what sounds like quite a nasty infestion... so fingers crossed it will go back to normal when the infection fully clears up. As for two different results... well... could either be a boarderline reading, so the doc and hosp interpreted it differently.. or a bit of a mix up (tho I don't know anything about protein in urine so it could be quite normal to have two different readings?).

    I hope your older daughters improving and your younger ones doing okay too, ally x

  • hi ally thanks for your message im not going to worry about the urine test results just see how she goes the asthma however doesnt seem any different and she still seems wheezy even though shes now had 5 days of antibiotics and steroids so think i will take her back to doctors on tues




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