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Hi everyone.

We' ve just back from hospital this morning after three very long days. This time Oscar seemed to get very poorly very quickly. Then we was in AE he had 5 nebs almost back to back then every hour throughout the night. With 60% oxygen on ward and his SAts were still only 92. This time he was being really sick (i think due to so many nebs) i hate sick!

But what was quite embarrassing on the ward there was lots of sick babies and there was Oscar running up and down the ward looking possessed, then flagging.

They have finally prescribed montelukast but does it work?

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I hope oscar gets better soon.also i find that montelukast works but it takes a while keep going love and hugs

Amy xxx


Montelukast helped my son, took a while to kick in but did make a difference. Hope things improve for Oscar.


Poor Oscar.

Montelukast does work on many but like the others have said it can take a while to work and have some side effects.

Maddie is often like that, running around with seemingly boundless energy! Her last attack, she looked brill when we arrived at out of hours doc. However her SATs were in the 80's! Often the nebs makes them this way!

Hope you have better night.

Take care.




thanks for messages. I have given his chewable tablet! he said ""not having that again"" how can i get a two year old to chew something he doesn't like. i think i'll be going to GP's tomorrow to ask for granuals.

when I read the forum its very informative so I hope our experience helps someone else.

When we got to AE his SATS were 86. Friday was a nightmare. Asked the childminder to ring me if Oscar's cough gets worse no phone call. When I got home at 4pm Oscar was so wheezy, breathing fast and looking pale. So I stupidly decided to take him to GP to try and stop another hospital admission but they just sent me down to AE. So no food or drink since lunch time, Richard (hubby) looking after other kids so I didn't get a cup of team till 11pm Friday night as I could not leave his side. The ward staff were great though and really looked after us both.

he's just very tired now and needss to get a good night sleep




i just wanted to check in and see how oscar was getting on with the montelukast? has it helped him?

anymore visits to hospital, i hope not!

i have found working on childrens ward that the nebs make the children very hyperactive, so that would explain him running up and down the ward etc.. even though his SATS werent too clever!!

hope he is well :)

x x x


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