kick asthma holidays [sedbergh cumbria]

hi all i just wanted to put a post on here about the kick asthma holidays my 6 yr old daughter came home yesterday from a week on the kick asthma holiday in sedbergh cumbria when she went i was really worried she had never been away from home before and she is on alot meds for her asthma migraines and eczema and none of her conditions are under control yet.i spoke to her in the week and she seemed really happy so i felt alot better then when i picked her up yesterday i couldnt believe it the staff were lovely ,friendly and polite and excellent with the children ,my daughter had no problems with her asthma over the week and had met lots of really good friends they had done lots of fun things and she came home much more confident than she went,the journey home was 7 hrs and she was non stop talking about everyone that she met and asked to go other thing i noticed it was the colour in her cheeks she is always very pale but not now she has got rosey cheeks for the first time in ages so if anyone is looking into the holidays but not sure put your childs name down they will love it.and if you are reading this and were on the sedbergh holiday thankyou for making it so great.



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  • Marie, I don't have any children now young enough to go on a KA holiday but your story about your daughter having such a good time and getting so much out of the holiday made me smile. I am delighted for both of you.


    Ps isn't it about time there was a KA adult holiday I am serious here, I would love to get away without my family and give OH and carer a break, I know I go into the RBH every 6 weeks which means they get a rest from me, but I would like to meet other adults in a similar situation away from a hospital and try to have some fun.

  • Hello Marie,

    so glad your Daughter had a very good time on the KAH! I usually volunteer each year to help on the holidays and it is fantastic to see the change in the children by the end of the holidays.

    Bex, they did do KAH for adults in 1998 & 1999 (I did both) but with a lot of unstable brittles / severe asthmatics all in one place wasn't a very good idea! LOL!


  • Kate, I can not for the life of me imagine what having a load of unstable asthmatics around is like. But I know what it is like when there are a few of us hooked up to aminophylline at the RBH and that is when we are all on amino. Still got to be worth a shot surely :)

  • Hi maria

    i am really pleased yr daughter enjoyed her ka holiday

    2 of my kids went for the first time last year and going back this year

    tbh throu out the year they have both always gone on about wot they had been doing now they are saying hope we do such and such hope such and such will be there

    my joe was in the littleones group and had a lovely girl helping him lou lou (am i allowed to mention names lol) anyway he's hoping she is back there this year not long to go for either of them now monday 10th

    my joe does need a kick up the bum to take his meds etc so i know he will come back a changed boy for a few weeks

    and i hope my daughter when old enough will end up a volunteer for ka hols

    she is already helping out at summer playschemes locally to us and wants to eventually be a teacher and being asthmatic she will be the right sort of person they want

  • Without wanting to sound cheesy, these posts always make me smile and ""warm the cockles of my heart"".

    Mumof4, kicks up the bum (metaphorical of course) will be applied as needed!! Lou is certainly coming back this year. We've got a whole load of fun stuff lined up, a trip to Brighton is on the cards again, plus the usual KA fun like swimming and outdoors activities. Best not say too much, I may be lynched ;)

    I am currently working on something for one of the educational sessions that is sort of related to geocaching :))

    Looking forwards to our KA hols next week too!

  • hi thanks for the message hope your children have fun next week mum of 4 im sure they will just thought i would also put on here that my daughters consultant had nothing but praise for the ka team today my daughters peak flow is the highest its ever been way to go and she wants and showed him today she wants to take more control on her medication im so happy best thing shes ever done



  • bex - id love to go on a KA hol too!! :-( id love to do 'normal' activities and meet other asthmatic adults who are similar to me! i used to do lots of camping when i was younger but my confidence has been totally shot to pieces as my asthma has spiraled out of control!!

    hope your well! take care, lv kat Xxx

  • bex - id love to go on a KA hol too!! :-( id love to do 'normal' activities and meet other asthmatic adults who are similar to me! i used to do lots of camping when i was younger but my confidence has been totally shot to pieces as my asthma has spiraled out of control!!

    hope your well! take care, lv kat Xxx

  • Glad everyone enjoyed the KA holiday in our neck of the woods,I know Sedbergh quite well-lots of relatives in nearby Kendal-the way the weather has been lately up here,I would have thought everyone was in danger of drowning!!!

  • Hi Marie thanks so much for posting your msg on here it has really made my day to know that your little one had such a great wk and her confidence and pf have improved so much.

    I was her bedroom leader and she was fantastic and great at doing all her peak flows and meds. She was a little star all wk and i hope she can come bk next yr.

    It was such a good wk and it makes it all worth while knowing how much she got out of it so thank you for posting to let us know!

    Say hello to her from me!!

    Take care

    Sarah x

  • Ty marie (apologies for typing yr name wrong in the first post think i need new glasses lol)

    i am sure the kids will enjoy themselves so please yr daughters peak flow is great just shows u don't it all asthmatics get together they have loads of fun and improve fitness and asthma together

    Tank u cathbear joe defo needs the kick and glad to hear lou is back the kids are now counting down the days and can't wait for monday

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