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just wondering

Hi everyone I have posted on here a lot lately and was just wondering if anyone had asthma themselves and had then passed it on to their children.The reason I ask this is my daughter Chloe who is 6 has brittle asthma ,during my pregnancy my asthma became worse and I was admitted to hospital at 5 months pregnant where I was put on high dose steriods.This continued until I had Chloe at 37 weeks ,during this time all the amniotic fluid disappeared around her and she was small for dates weighing almost 5lb when born.Immediatley after being born she developed a milk allergy which she still has and also allergies to lots of different foods and products.When she was around 2 and half she was diagnosed with asthma which has worsened over the years prior to this she constantly had chest infections and suffered a lot with croup.She is also really small for her age about the size of a 3 year old.The doctors don't believe any of it is connected to my pregnancy and all the pred and antibiotics that I took . I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this with any of their children.I'd be interested to hear from you. Thanks Nikki xx

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i have family history, including my mum havijng mild asthma, it is possible coz it is inheritable, its probably best to get it looked into

JC x


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