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Does my son have asthma

I would be grateful for any advice on my son. He has had a persistent wheezy and sometimes chesty cough since may last year. The doctors have put him on salbutemol since last may and since November he has been taking 4 puffs 4 times a day and his chest has not improved. I have taken him to casualty twice in the last week when he has had an episode where he cannot get his breath has a high respiratory rate and is turning blue. They have told me that on admission his blood oxygen level was 87%. When the doctors gave him oxygen and steriods he has improved enough to come home. However when the course of steriod tablets finishes after 3 days the symptoms return. I have been to the doctors many times and they just tell me it is a virus? I am getting desperate for answers as my once healthy happy boy cannot now walk further than 10 yards and has had to come home from playgroup on several occasions as they thought he was having an asthma attack.

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Sorry to hear you are having such problems with your little boy I hope things improve soon. I s he just on ventolin and prednisalone as needed? From what you say in your post he has asthma symptoms most of the time which indicates the need for a preventer inhaler such as becotide or pulmicort on a long-term basis. Is he on one already? If not ask your g.p about it. Most practices also have practice nurses who specialise in asthma who can help you manage your sons asthma. Some young children do just wheeze when they get viral infections which is why asthma isn't normally diagnosed officially untill a child is two (not sure how old your little one is). However if it's affecting his day to day life then maybe ask for a review by your GP, practice nurse or paediatrician at the hospital. Hope this helps.

Take care



Hi, I agree with everything sadwheezer has said, he really needs to be on a preventer, ask to see a Asthma nurse or go and see a gp, it would help to start a diary of symptoms so they can see how frequent it is and how it is effecting his day to day life.

My twins were getting admitted or just given oral steroids by dr.s for a ""viral wheeze"" every month from September to December when they were finally given a preventer, the asthma still pops up now and then but there has been a huge improvement, and they have even had a bad cold without having a asthma attack!Hope you get him sorted soon!


Hi. Thanks for your advice. Jack is 3 and has a preventer inhaler. I took hm back to my gp last week as I wasnt happy with his condition. He told me that he wouldnt diagnose asthma until Jack was 6 and that it could still be viral wheeze. I am concerned as my one active boy cannot now walk more than 25 yards without coughing until he is sick. The GP told me that as long as he is the right weight for his height and meets his developmental milestones he dosent think Jack has a problem.


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