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Pred and Chicken pox

Hi all,

Well this is my first post...

My 3 and a half year old son has asthma and in the last 6 weeks has been hospitalised and had two courses of Prednisolone. Two of his little friends have got chicken pox and he has been playing with them all week. The spots only arrived yesterday so we didn't know to keep him away from them. Should I be worried about this? and has anyone had experience of their children contracting chicken pox whilst on Pred?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation


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hi catherine

welcome :)

he should be okay if they are only short term courses and his immune system isnt compromised in any other way.

it's more of a problem if he is on long -term pred etc.. whether it be for asthma or pred needed for another condition

as you say he already has contracted them - i.e. has got chicken pox, and it should be a 'normal' childs dose of chicken pox - if that makes sense.

obviously if you have any concerns then ring OOH or NHS direct

hope he doesnt itch too much, bless

x x x


thanks for your response.

I think my post was confusing... My son hasnt got chicken pox (yet) he has just been in contact with two boys who developed spots yesterday after playing with my son all week. I do feel comforted though knowing it is probably not a problem if he does catch it.

Thanks again.



little nutter had chickenpox just after a course of pred, he took it quite badly and was particularly ill with it. had spots everywhere including inside his mouth and throat. it was nasty and really struggled to eat or drink ended up having to go and get a numbing spray prescribed for him at the emergency doctor so we could get fluid into him as he was getting dehydrated. As he wouldn't even drink or take ice lollies, ice cream or yogurts etc. I think he was given those rehydration sachets too.

Weather he was just unlucky and had a bad case or it was reletad to the pred I am not sure.

I would say keep a close eye on him and if u see any spots go to GP anyway and say he has been on pred and that you are worried.


I had this same worry a few months ago. My eldest daughter got chicken pox while my youngest was on Pred. She'd been on Pred for 8 days out of about 14 too.

I called her consultant, and as Snowy said, it's only if she'd been on it long term, it would of been a problem.

I was told to keep a close eye on her and go to the GP if at all concerned.

She did in fact catch it too! all of our surprise, had a relatively mild dose in comparison to her sister who was riddled with pox and a high temp etc. Maddie was in fact lucky!

A couple of weeks later however, she was admitted with a pesky chest infection and exasperation of Asthma. Whether it was more severe due to her recent pox or not, the dr's were unable to be sure.

I hope your little one, if gets it, manages to have a mild dose.

Take care



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