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Totally OT. Organising a fundraiser for Asthma UK

I've not been on here in ages so firstly a big hello to those that remember me!

I've recently finished a fund raising event for Lupus and I've promised my daughter (our resident asthmatic) that I'd do one to raise funds for Asthma UK next. She wants this to be a family fun day aimed at children.

If anyone has any ideas of games to be played, facilities to be provided etc then please do post or PM me. This event would be in the Huntingdonshire area so if you're local and can offer any help that would be great too!

Many thanks,


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i can probably come up with a whole list of games for you as i am a Brownies leader!!!

starting with

1. the old one pin the tail on the donkey of course!

2. sitting on the floor (as chairs dangerous for children!) with teams of 4 facing each other in a row, and havin them hitting back and forth a blown up balloon. score 1 point each time the balloon goes behind their heads. first team to 5 or 10 wins. my brownies love it!! lol

3. stuck in the mud

will think of more but thats a start :)

x x x


Hi Snowy Girl

All great suggestions but I'm looking to do something more outdoorsy. Lucky dip, candyfloss stall, beat the goalie, bouncy castle, face painting, coconut shy type stuff. A friend suggested a prison! She'd said at a previous fundraiser she'd helped organise in Germany they had some military police who agreed to arrest people for a minimum donation. The MP's would 'imprison' the person they'd been paid to find for about 10 minutes during which time the arrestee could pay to get out of jail. Of course, it could always be arranged for them to be re-arrested!! The prison would of course simply be a cell made from bamboo canes or some such but she said it was very popular:~)


Will find the details of an organisers I used last year for my fund-raising event. I did mine at my son's school and after school we had an open evening for local people to come and buy things. I was allowed to use the reception class playground for outdoor stuff. If I lived closer to you I would offer to join you with the organising and help you run the event. I was going to do another event this year but can't at present due to my own health being down

Like the ideas you have so far and I hope it goes well



in going along with the prison theme, you could lock people in the barracks (i think thats the right word! the ones where your hands are in cuffs when you lean over) and have people throw water at them :P

if you can get hold of one, bouncy castle?

hehe x


Hi Jacqui

I live in Cambridgeshire also, in fact in a village not far from Huntingdon!! My son has asthma and I would be very interested in finding more out about your fundraiser and hopefully I can help.

PM if you like.



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