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I am new to all this but just reading some of your posts has made me think.

My son is nearly 4 and was diagnosed with asthma in October last year after a hospital admission. No one else in the family has it and its been a real steep learning curve. Aswell as asthma he has hayfever( which i think is just kicking off again now) and eczema which we are finding hard to control.

After his admission in October he was prescribed becatide twice a day and the blue ventolin inhaler as and when. By xmas he was back in again where he had pneumonia and had ab, prednisalone and a follow up with the paedatrition.

After his first admission we were told to visit the asthma nurse where she put his inhalers on repeat, told me they didnt do peak flow until he was 5 and she would see us again in12 months!!!!

needless to say we have not seen her again as she was pretty useless the first time but after reading your posts i have questioned this now. my son does see the peadatrition every 3 months now and he has just changed his inhaler to seretide 50 but should we go to see the asthma nurse too? the hayfever season is about to begin again and his inhaler has been changed in preparation but should we be seeing her on a more regular basis?

I know i sound stupid but i really knew nothing about any allergie until it all began last April and i still question the things we do.

Many thanks for reading.

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