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well managed asthma?

Hi new to this website, just looking for a little more helpful advice when it comes to looking after my four-year old who has suffered with asthma for the past two years (at least). Everytime he gets a cold, or a bit of a sniffle he just coughs constantly. He started coughing again this morning and it has become worse over the course of the day. This happens every few weeks and he is missing a lot of school because he is not sleeping very well and is therefore shattered in the morning (in no fit state for school). There was a time when we went to regular clincs at the hospital but they discharged him. Everytime I take him to the doctors because he is coughing they listen to his chest and say that his chest is clear - if he is still coughing in 3 weeks bring him back! They say his asthma is being well-managed.

He was recently given some chewable tablets because the doctor thought he might be allergic to house dust - he took these for a month but they made no difference. A few weeks ago, when he had another cough my partner took him to the doctors and he was given some different tablets (not sure what they were) to take for 3 days.

Should I take him to the doctors again tomorrow as his reliever inhaler seems to have no impact? I dont know whether to keep going back to the doctors again and again. My son also currently has two puffs morning and night of a preventer inhaler.

Is my sons asthma being well-managed or should I be pressing for more to be done for him?

Thanks, would really appreciate your replies.

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Hi Joanne, welcome to the forum. Yours is a commonly shared problem, whether to keep going back to doctor. I always err on the side of caution and if concerned I take my son (now 14 but had asthma from about one) to get him checked.

Also, chest infections can come on quickly. A friend's one yr old was very chesty and I urged her to go to GP who said his chest was 'clear'. 2 days later I urged her to go back to GP because I was sure the child wasnt right. Sure enough, GP diagnosed chest infection and the little chap is on antibiotics!!

The chewable tablets are probably Singulair, I would follow the GPs advice on this. My son was put on Singulair when about 7 and they definitely helped. If you feel your son's asthma isnt being well managed you could ask for a referral.

Finally, dont worry too much about your son missing school. My son has missed masses of school (he's just had another 4 days off after a good spell) but their health is far more important. Good luck and feel free to PM me.


This sounds so much like my asthma, it really upsets me and OH, so it must be awful for a 4 year old.

I think I would be inclined to ask for a referral to a specialist. I did and the consultant changed my inhaler, which seemed to help a bit. And I would keep going back to the GP as well.

I really hope things improve for your son x


Thanks for the replies, Owen has gone back to school today after a better night. Still tired though bless him. Gonna get my partner to ring up the doctors so we can see the asthma nurse and get him checked out. Ive also started an asthma diary so I can keep track of when he is ill and for how long, hopefully the good days will far out way the bad!

I know I shouldn't worry about him missing school if he's ill BUT I am a teacher myself so I think I feel a little pressure to make sure my child should attend regularly - need to work on that!!

Thanks again - good know there are other parents and people going through the same thing

Jo x


Hi your child's asthma is not well

Managed and sounds like he needs a bronchiladator. Get a referral to see a peaditrican who specialises in asthma at your local hospital. In the meantime push your gp for a better option what else can be given? In order to control it? Oral steroids for a short course always brought my daughter back to normal as the brown inhaler did nothing to prevent her asthma flaring up. But now she is controlled o. Fluctinason inhaler which is orange and works by having one puff each morning and night and each puff lasts 12 hours, transforming!


Thanks for this, took my son to see the doctor the other day and he has out him on some chewable tablets that he wants us to try for the next 6-8 weeks before he refers us back to the specialist at the hospital. We have tried them before but only for about 4 weeks - they had no effect then but suppose we'll have to try them again. His coughing had settled down for the last few days but he coughing again sick of this!


Sorry to we that I think the tablets might be singulair, my daughter was on them for a year and made no difference, but each child reacts differently. Keep giving the blue inhalers up to 10 puffs if your child needs more than that take him to a&e. Also go back to your gp and ask for the orange inhaler well worth a try I wish we had it earlier but it is t until we know these things exist. Good luck and hope he gets better soon x


Ps do not wait 6-8 weeks demand your referral now your child is entitled to see a consultant and you should not have to wait and see if certain meds work or not. That is bad practice. Unfortunately we have to fight for our children to get the care they need. Worse case scenario if you can afford it you could go privately which costs about £180 per consultation and they recew your child get them on an asthma management programme and then you will be under the nhs from then onwards. You can usually see private doctors within a week. Again good luck please remember knowledge empowers you to do the best job that we can x


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