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NO allergy!!

My little girl has been having tests for her Chronic/brittle Asthma.

She has had genetic tests, allergy tests, CF test and was due to have ph lung study today. (but hospital cancelled and postponed it an hr before!!!! grrr!!)

Anyway, we got all her results today and she has NO allergies! Im shocked!! I really thought she was allergic to tree pollen at the very very least!!

Does anyone else have Asthma and yet have had the all clear with Allergy tests?

Now im at a complete loss as to why she is having these horrid attacks. At least if there was an allergy, I could respond to it and help her.


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sorry to hear you have no answers yet..

what kind of allergy tests did they do?

not much help as little nutter has several allergies. inc peanuts, tree nuts, pollen, dogs, cats, dust mite etc etc.



Did she have skin prick tests? Because I recently contacted Allergy UK with some questions and the advisor speaking to me said that the skin prick test is a guide only and needs to be used along with symptoms as you can get false negatives and positives. I had had allergy tests in the past and had never been told that.


I agree JF thats why i asked what kind of allergy tests were given.

as some kids do have a false negative, even with an allergy to nuts, they then take whats called a food challenge before being given the all clear, because some will still react to eating something without having a reaction to skin prick. We didn't have that issue with little nutter though as his results were as expected.


Maddie had blood tests not skin prick.

She was tested for all the usual type ones-foods, tree pollen, grass pollen, wheat, cats, dogs etc etc etc. They all came back clear!

Im just so confused. She is on Pred once a month. Along with that, she takes Seretide 200, Ventolin, Montelukast, Antihists, Chrolythromycin.

Its wierd though because the Antihystamine seems to ease her facial swelling that she gets a day or so before breathing issues.


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