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What do I do now??

Took Maddie to the gp this morning due to the last few nights being bad with coughing and coughing etc. She has purple rings round her eyes again which she gets when struggling too.

The gp put her on pred again without question.

I gave her first dose this morning, have given her regular ventolin through the day as the gp advised so that she would be prepared for tonight.

Well, we managed the park today without wheeze etc or coughing.

However, shes now in bed and coughing and coughing! Im not sure what to do. Shes asleep and doesnt seem distressed at all. Just coughing her usual Asthma cough. (this often results in vommiting!)

Shes on Pred, Montelukast, Seretide, Ventolin and Antihistamine.

What can I do or is this cough nothing to worry about??

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I would prop her up if she would stay on the prop this might help her sleep better.

Poor girl hope she gets better quickly and the preds start to do there job very soon for you all


It's a good idea to check her breathing while she sleeps, look at the chest and check if it's pulling or looks weird in any way.If so use inhalers or any doubt get help.Don't worry about upsetting docs, it's what they are paid for and you know your child best.The coughing can cause damage if goes on a long time. I don't want to scare you but Matty has scoliosis from all the years of coughing and uncontrolled asthma.I don't know what I could have done any differently but it's happened.You can tell the docs that next time when they say, it's only a cough!!

Take care

kate x


Thank you both for your reply.

Another bad night of consistant coughing! We brought her downstairs for a bit before we went to bed to clear her chest but as soon as she went back to bed it started up again and carried on throughout the night. I really am not sure how she manages, bless her. She doesnt seem to get a breath between coughs when she has an attack. And these attacks are every two hours and last for about 20 minutes each!

I checked her chest in between bouts and she was breathing normally with no recession!

Shes up and ok again this morning, just shattered!

Another dose of pred and pray tonight it has actually started working!


I'm sure you've already done this but...........have you changed Maddie's bedding and made sure she's not got soft toys etc around her in bed? Have you been having window open during day and at night - if pollen's been moderate to high then evenings often cause more problems?

I'd return to the doctors again if still keeps happening tonight!


Hi I have just posted a message asking for help with a very similar problem my little girl is up all night coughing and wheezing then seems ok the next day just tired. As she is only 2 and no one wants to say it's definitely asthma I don't really know what to do.. If you have any luck please let me know. X


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