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6 month old baby query asthma

my 6 month old granddaughter has been given on monday,atrovent 2 puffs 4 x aday, salbutomal 2 puffs 3 x aday. today she was given becotide i puff once a day for a week.

im wondering if babys are ment to have steriods as some people say yes.

the last few weeks she seems to be getting wheezy when she gets a cold there quering asthma as my 7 yr son and mum has it so it runs in the family.

was wondering about the inhalers does seem alot for a little baby, any advice welcome.

thanks shirley.

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Hello, those inhalers sound quite usual for a baby with asthma, they give the atrovent as a reliever because they do not have the receptors in their lungs fot the salbutomol to work effectivly, they will have prescribed the salbutomal just in case it works to help her.

Sometimes babies are given steroid tablets, but usually only in severe attacks. I hope she feels better soon, one of my children was bad with asthma as a baby but has outgrown it now.

As her asthma becomes more controlled, hopefully with the becotide inhaler then you will be able to stop giving her the reliever inhalers so often, which will cut down on the amount of puffs per day.



When my little boy (now 4) was a baby he was on a similiar amount of meds. The steroids through the spacer are targeting the place they need to be they're not travelling around the body so much - they're also different from the steroids that you hear about. They need to be given regularly so that they reduce the inflamation in the airways. Atrovent is an inhaler given mainly to little ones or as a back up when a child is acutely ill with an asthma attack (we used to give salbutamol and atrovent nebs at home).

Hope this helps a little.



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