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fed up

We were back at the doctors today, my daughter has been taking blue and brown inhalers four times aday for the last 6 days and her constant cough/throat clearing thing has'nt got any better, so now she is to have a chest xray and the doctor is not sure if it is asthma or not. We are all fed up the cough is so harsh and loud that everyone is getting sick of it, family, friends, teachers and my daughter is sick of it to. Just needed to moan really as this cough has been going on for months now.

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have you tried cough syrup? If its in the troat it will probably make it go away, or at least reduce it.


Hi Billy, just to let you know you are not alone!

My daughter who is 14 who has mild Asthma caught a vitus just before Christmas and is still coughing all day/night. I am also finding it very irritating, her peak flow readings are good and she says it's not her Asthma just a cough.

Myself, my son and my older daughter all caught the virus. It knocked my sons asthma quite badly, hit me for a little while making me a bit wheezy and couging a fair amount but nothing like my daughter. We have tried all sorts of cough medicines from chesty coughs to tickly coughs and any other coughs in between!

She coughed her way through dinner last night (mostly over my food) and by the end of the meal it was really grating. We are all fed up with her coughing but know it can't be helped we just wish it would go away. She now thinks she may have caught another cold on top so fingers crossed this does not make it any worse.

Hope you get some answers soon.



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