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Asthma and Choking!

Does anyone know whether choking and Asthma go hand in hand??

My little girl seems to choke alot. Its as if her upper airways go into spasm and whatever she is eating or drinking, she starts to choke on! She cant cough it up or swallow it and kind of holds it there, unable to breathe. She even does it on a cup of water!

Its not necessarily when her Asthma is bad (she has brittle Asthma) but at anytime. Recently she has done it alot! We have found her being sick in her bed. She chokes on drinks and then eventually geets enough breath and brings it up. Sometimes making her vomit too!

Its horrid!

Any ideas? Anyone else have problems like this?

I wondereed whether there was a link between the spasms in Asthma and spasms in choking??

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Hi just to let you know i have this problem that only started around the time that my asthma was diagnosed its almost like at times that i have a delayed swallow and can choke on fresh air, saliva, drinks, food not sure if its just that all of the airways are inflammed even in the throat... hope your little one is ok, my daughter needed steriods 2 weeks ok my turn this week! Cam


Hi, i have this. its usually a spasm feeling i get i now see this is a sign that my control is slipping. its worth a mention to the gp though.


oh wow, thanks for your replies. That really has confirmed what ive been thinking.

Shes never been able to eat cakey type things as just a crumb almost tickles her airways and she chokes and is sick. Its becoming terrifying though as its happening more and more and with foods that she was once able to eat! She, herself, is becoming fussy with what she eats now whereas before she would eat anything and everything! (she is 21mths)

My husband gets it with drinks sometimes. (he has chronic Asthma) He can be drinking and all of a sudden it comes back everywhere! Not attractive!!!! We've never associated it with his Asthma though before!


Yes I do this all the time well over 10 times a week, always sets my asthma off. It can be food or drink or saliva


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