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Inhalers for my son

Hello, I’m new to the forum, but I would like to ask your advice and see if I could get some answers on a couple questions.

I have a son (7 years old), who was diagnosed with asthma a year ago. The problem is that he keeps forgetting to take his medicine (inhalers) – which really worries me! Both the doctor and my husband and I have talked to him about it several times, but it doesn’t seem to stick with him for a long time.

I believe that if I could somehow turn the process of taking the medicine into something fun, it would be easier for him to remember it. Therefore, can anyone recommend any kind of electronic device or different/alternative inhalers that could turn taking the medicine into an interactive process?

I have seen the recent discussions on this forum regarding loosing inhalers and being unaware of the importance of taking the medicine, but do any of you have any other ideas or advice?

I was thinking of something like inhalers with built-in games or electronic inhalers that demanded some kind of interaction with the user?

Thank you so much

Marion G.

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Inhalers for your son

Hi, my son has asthma, he has had it since he was a baby but grew out of it at the age of 5 and got it back again when he was 7.

I understand the concern over your son not taking his medicine, its a chore to kids to do it.

Have you tried getting one of the aerochambers, they come in fun designs from chemists and you put the inhaler in one end, and put the other end over their nose and mouth and they just press it and breath in all the medicine from the plastic chamber (its like a big tube with a mouthpiece on it). My son loved them when he was 7.

Also with regard to taking the medicine I ask my son to do his every morning and every night, its one of the first things he does in the morning and he does it again at night (me constantly reminding him to do it and even going with him so he doesnt feel alone doing it) and now he remembers most days.

your son is only 7 so dont worry too much, if you do the above, get the aerochamber from your doctor (you can get it free on prescription) and encourage the routine at home and if he has a school reading folder or bag he could carry his inhaler and aerochamber in that so he has access to it during the day when you are not with him.

I do hope this helps you. Rose


Hi Rose,

Thank you for such great advice - I will definitely try out those aerochambers. I could be just the thing I was looking for.

Thanks again


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