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Could this be asthma?

I have a 9 month old daughter, she has had a cough since she was 7 weeks old, she has coughing fits that can last between 5 - 20 minutes & always seems to have a thick sticky mucus which she struggles to bring up & seems as if it's catching her breath, just before & after these coughing episodes her chest is very ratily. It seems to be worse at night & when she is outside, I have had her to the doctors nearly every week since it started & was refered to see a peadiatrtion at the childrens department at our hospital in January this year & he said the cough was just caused by the cold weather & would clear up when it gets warmer, it has not & has been getting worse this week when we have been outside so I am asuming the pollen has been iritating her. Do you think this sounds like asthma? The doctor said to me it is not possible for a baby to develop asthma but I know this is not true, as my brother was diagnosed with asthma at 6 months.

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I am no Doctor but it sounds like ashtma to me.

I suggest you become more forceful in talking to your GP about this and, if possible, go and see a different GP. In my experience most people with asthma learn the long and hard way that there are really good doctors when it comes to asthma and, IMPO, really dangerous doctors.

However, and I don't mean to belittle you because I am not a parent, I have read and heard that most parents of newborns, naturally, worry about every cough and sneeze. Often these fears are unfounded but, in your case, it sounds like you need to get a second opinion from a different GP.

Google 'Vitamin D and asthma' as there have been several studies of late which have shown that Vitamin D supplementation in children being very effective in the control of asthma.

You could always ring one of the asthma nurses on here and talk to them about your fears if that helps but, at the end of the day, it is a GP that will need to sort this out for you.

Best of luck.


I'm also no doctor but your daughter's coughin rings so many bells. My Ryan was just like that when he was a baby and always getting infection after infections and being admitted to hospital after admittion to hospital. I would go and see you doctor and ring hte asthma nurse here for advice while waiting to see the doctor. Also sounds stupid but record her next coughing episode from the begging right to the end and do this for 3 or 4 of the coughing episodes as watching evidence of the episodes incase she doesn't have one during the doctors appointment. Good luck and huge hugs to you


Hi there sorry to hear your baby is unwell but she obviously has a mummy who cares very much for her. Firstly your doctor is right to not diagnose asthma in the under twos as children of this age have smaller airways and are prone to viral induced wheezy episodes which are not necessarily asthma. This does not mean under twos don't get asthma as some do its just diagnosis is difficult at this age. Children caugh for a variety of reasons not just asthma, caughing at night could be reflux related plus some viruses linger on for ages but whatever the reason for your daughters caugh you are trying to get her sorted out and all i can suggest is keep trying maybe ask for another opinion from a different consultant at the hospital. GP 'S have practice nurses who deal with asthma but many are not specifically children's trained nurses so it depends on place to place. Hope this helps a little.


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