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Something like a puffer pouch??

A few years ago someone on here put up a link for a puffer pouch that had an extra bit to keep a blue areochamber in. At the time my son was only 3 so I never took much notice but he is now 6 and has started playing out so one of these would be great.

Does anyone know where to get one please? I've searched the internet and juts can't seem to find it, only the actually puffer pouches which only hold the inhaler itself.

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try think this might be what you are after !


yes thats it! but is there anywhere in the UK that sell them do you know?



Try or or even you can import one from the USA they seem to have more of that kind of stuff then we do :)



I would like to get one of these too. Have emailed them to check about UK stockists and also shipping as their website says 'Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery' but doesn't tell you if that's US or international?

They do look useful esp. with the neoprene material for a bit of padding and protection.


Even better -

This company was set up by an asthma nurse and the 'halerholders' are made to be able to contain some of the Asthma UK materials like the Asthma Attack cards as well as the inhaler/spacer. The designs are fantastic and the fabrics are lovely. They were on display at Asthma UK's stand at The Allergy & Gluten-Free Show at Olympia only a couple of weeks ago! As a person with asthma, I was really impressed!


Try this one.........



Also there is they do a range of medical bags & carrying pouches and are uk based xx


Just seen your post Kate !!!! Great minds think alike !! It's Louisa.(karly!) Had to reinvent my profile name as u forgot all my log in details so had to reregister !!


i *knew* i'd seen it on facebook somewhere (and how many of us are on there!)

these guys to custom made bags for inhalers etc

Geina x


Hi there, just saying thanks to LM for mentioning my website which opens next week on Mon 23rd May.

I am an asthma nurse who worked for several years on the Adviceline and have designed a range of different sized pouches and bags to cater for all currently prescribed inhaler and spacer devices.

Asthma UK publications are sent out with every order, eg Asthma Attack Card or My Child's Asthma Medicines, so everything relating to your child's asthma is safely together in one place. Perfect for school, nursery, with a childminder, as well as at home!


Sally looks good, though what I have been looking for is something that will hold an inhaler, spacer, epi pen and a small bottle of piriton. Would all this fit in one of your bags?


for inhalers


Bumped up as per nickynoo's request launching Monday


Wheezeybouncer thank you so much for putting medication bags cases and coverings on here. I was just about to post the link to the facebook page and the website.

I am the women behind the page and the business and I can confirm that I do custom made bags, casesa dn coverings for medication. I would personally suggest a bum-bag style spacer bag which also comes with a detachable inhaler case. If you go to and take a look in the albums I have loads of fabric and other items on there. I am just the process of making a spacer bag in the bumbag style for a lady. Once I have finished it and taken the picture I will send you the link tot he picture so you can take a look.

Littlenutters I would also personally suggest a medication bag that I make. I have a picture in the custom made album that shows the inside of a bag that is holding 2 inhalers, a spacer and 2 300ml medicine bottles.

If you do pop by let me know you are from here and I will do you both a special offer

Hope you find what you are looking for and I hope you find something that your son will like too


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