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sunday blumming sunday

Well I am proped up on Harriets Bed she is sat at her

Laptop doing some work I am very restless...

we went for a little walk around the local lake but 2 mins

into it I was very out of breath and had to use the 02

So ended up sitting down till we left... I have gone

From playing football going to the gym to finding

It hard to move a few feet... am so fed up I get breathless

just sitting down o2 doesn't help that much I am feeling

Very tight and sore at the moment will just keep still

and hope that o2 kicks in a little bit soon...

anways venting again... hope your all not doing

to badly.

Will x

2 Replies

hi Will.

Sorry your not well at the moment,think its the time of year as most of us

are struggling its been a funny year weather wise.

Rest up but if you need help ring 999 etc.

I have been on pred nearly every other week and antibiotics with them but

after a good morning have started to drop down again and resting up.

Hope you feel better soon love Glynis xxxx


it's rough at this time of year

Here's hoping we don't get a bad time of it. If we do, we recover quickly



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