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4 Yr old is dying..........Please pray

Please read this news article from a news paper in Dubai and pray for the girl who is fighting for the life.Pray For HerThursday, 09 March 2006The father of a four-year-old last night appealed to 7DAYS readers to pray for his daughter who suffers multiple allergies and who is fighting for her life at a hospital in Dubai.Suha Imran Kazmi was initially diagnosed with double pneumonia, typhoid and viral fever but the doctors are still not certain what the little girl is suffering from.“Yesterday, we had almost given her back to Allah, but He was kind enough to let her live,” said Imran Owais Kazmi, the father of the girl.After 25 days of injecting antibiotics into her veins, the girl’s body is punctured with needle marks, a distressed Mr Kazmi said last night.“Many times they cannot find the veins to draw whatever little blood is left in her,” said Mr Kazmi. The little girl is on so many antibiotics that the doctors are finding it difficult to make an accurate diagnosis.Suha has endured four bouts of pneumonia in her short life and is known to suffer a number of allergies. “I just want to ask everyone to pray for my child,” Mr Kazmi said.He has spent the last few days at Dubai’s American Hospital with his wife Sibia sitting and sleeping beside their daughter. Mr Kazmi works as a training manager in a telecommunication company. Mrs Kazmi is an HR consultant at Knowledge Village.Suha turned four just ten days ago but never got the opportunity to celebrate her birthday. “The house is full of toys for her but she could not even play with them,” said her father.Suha loves to play with dolls, playing ""cat"" or ""monkey"", cycling, playing ""police"" on her cycle and combing her hair, said Mr Kazmi. Suha was going to kindergarten at Chouefait School.“We do not want anything else. She is a darling, and we pray to Allah that, she lives, and a healthy life too,” said Mr Kazmi.

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aww thats really sad :( poor little thing


i prayed is she ok now


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