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Home environment and asthma

Hi. My 3 year old son is now on 4oomg of preventer medication, 6 regular doses of reliever (plus extra) and steroid tablets and is still wheezing and coughing! We are off to see the paediatrician on Friday, but I am interested to know what extra measures people take at home. I am vacuming and mopping every day, damp dusting etc But what else do you do?

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You mention dusting which suggest that you associate the asthma with allergens ie dust mite. Are there other enviromental allegens ie grass pollen, tree pollen,moulds etc . Have you considered looking at foods. I was diagnosed with multiple food allergies as a young child which were linked with my asthma.


I remember a friend whose daughter had asthma and she always asked me specifically not to vacuum or dust if they were coming over, as this would leave dust motes in the air.

Its as good a reason for not doing any housework that I've come across.

On the food colourings and additives idea - My younger daughter was allergic to dairy and some food colourants when she was little. We could even identify the week a local bakery changed the recipe for their french fancies. My normally nice little girl turned into a monster within half an hour after munching her once a week cake. Phoned to check if a certain ingredient had been added. It had. Many apologies from the bakery.

Hoping the paediatrician comes up with some ideas for you to take away.

GM 8)


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